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  1. Phidget cards can interface with FSUIPC. It takes an interface program such as FS2Phidget. It can be found as freeware at mycockpit.org. It has it's own forum there. Reid
  2. Pete, Thanks for the clarification about the parameter setting. That did it for my little project. I am able to use the output although it now toggles between 0 and -1. Why would the number go negative if I put in xFF as the parameter?
  3. Upon looking at it again, I see that the parameter is actually x00. Don't know if this is important. Reid
  4. Pete, I have looked in the docs, and it seems it should be straightforward unless I am mistaken...yet I am not seeing results. Am I missing something? What I am doing is: 1. going to the keys tab 2. assigning a key to the control "Offset Byte Togglebits" 3. choosing offset x66C0 4. parameter set as toggle Then upon confirming and returning to fsx, nothing seems to happen to 66CO in the fs window when I monitor it through the logging tab. What may I need to do to make the button (which will eventually be a switch) change the value? Reid
  5. Pete, I have a hardware switch that I would like to have work as a test switch for a hardware annunciator. The Is it possible to hook a switch in through a HID card (buo836x) and have it read by (something???) and write to a fsuipc offset? It would just be a simple toggle function, i.e. Toggle test switch, with the options being open or closed. My output interface/card could then make all of the annunciators light. I understand there are offsets available for customization at the user end, but how does one go about this? Hope I am making sense, and this would not be too tricky. Reid
  6. Thanks, that would be neat. Valdez is pretty impressive stuff!
  7. Pete, In the near future I will be upgrading to a Win7 64 machine. I have some simkits instruments that connect via a controller card (ccu2) that are only compatible with a win32 OS. This is a known issue, and Simkits seem to have no interest or ability to fix it Would widefs allow one to run the controller card on a networked 32 bit machine, and read data from fsuipc on the 64 bit machine? I have read the user guide, and it appears that is exactly the kind of thing Widefs is supposed to do. Do you have any cautions for me about how that process may work? Thanks, Reid
  8. Tom and Pete, You guys are both brilliant! Thanks for this contribution to the flight sim community! Reid PS Pete--how can I email you privately?
  9. Pete, I am the original tester. I did not get a chance to test your 2nd version of the script due to some life changes, so cannot confirm whether it actually works with the hardware the way you intended. I neglected to follow up and tell you that and am sorry. I hope that omitted information is not causing communication problems between you and Tom_G. Reid
  10. Tom, Where did you find the diode information? This is the first I have heard of it... Reid
  11. Peter, Thanks so much for your efforts. I will test this out and report back. I am in your debt! Reid
  12. Very grateful to you sir! One card will support 16 encoders. Inputs on the card are listed as buttons 1-32. I am using 31 and 32, so I guess that corresponds to bits 30 and 31, although I am not sure how that works. Does the software see those inputs as bits 0-31? The card must be set up with the encoders on adjacent pairs, so the easier route should work. It would be handy if the program would allow inputs to not be configured as encoders. The card can also handle digital inputs on each of those 32 stations, but only assigns them as rotaries if specifically set that way. Normally they are switches, buttons, etc. Having the flexibility to do both off the same card would be best. Ideally the LUA would scan only specified pairs, not all 32 inputs so that buttons and switches could be used normally. I hope I am making sense. Reid
  13. Pete, Hope your rebuild is going easily. Watching the number of threads you reply to each day, I am embarrassed to even ask for your help with the complex solution. You are committed to supporting your software well beyond most authors! That being said, is there a regular around here that may have the skills to do what you proposed that I can ask to assist me and lighten your load? If all else fails I can certainly go the multiple LUA route to get the rotaries all working. Any thoughts? Reid
  14. Of course! Have fun with your rebuild! This is a fairly inactive forum without you to helm it Captain. Reid
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