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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Pete. I'll give it a shot. Richard
  2. Thank you Pete, unfortunately I know absolutely zero about Lua. Any Lua experts on the form know how this would be done? Richard
  3. Hi, everyone. I have recently upgraded my computer, and am now running FSX on Windows 8. I have a hardware panel which I used to use in my older Windows XP system that is driven by a 0x64B USB card. Under XP it showed in FSUIPC as a game controller, and I was able to use FSUIPC to assign the button presses and releases to events. In Windows 8 Control Panel it shows as a "Standard System Device HID", and FSUIPC does not seem to see it at all. The card was sold by Leo Lacava's long defunct "Beta Innovations", so there is no manufacturer support. I have Leo's old 'USB Toolkit", which runs under Windows 8, and it too sees the card, and shows the buttons being pressed and released. Anyone got any ideas how to persuade FSUIPC to see an HID rather than only game controllers? Richard
  4. Sorry, I didn't ask what I really meant...... Is there any way to get the Simconnect SDK seperately was what I *meant* to ask :-( Richard
  5. My wife bought me FSX, and, being all keen t try it out, I installed it before noticing it was the standard version, not the premium with Simconnect. Is there any way to 'upgrade' or install Simconnect seperately, or am I going to have to buy another copy of FSX ? Richard
  6. Duh!!! Sorry...... I was using Jose's "Run Options" program which ships with the FSUIPC SDK, and failed to notice that it was creating a wrongly named .INI file Sorry again, I'll insert the lines manually. Richard
  7. This... Is the full text of the FSUIPC.INI file, which is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules but when I start FSX, neither of these apps start. Both apps were added to the .INI by Jose's FSUIPC utility "RunOptions.exe", so I know the paths are correct. Richard
  8. Hi... I know this isn't your software, Pete, but do you know if there's any way to have more FSUIPC Run options set up so as to open certain programs if I run FS2004 and others if I open FSX? It seems that every time I make the changes it is changed to just that version of FS. As another option, does Jose Oliveira have a help forum like this? Thanks, Richard
  9. My PayPal account is validated - I've had for years and used it for dozens of purchases. "I don't know who you spoke too, but I've found the management to be very helpful, friendly and first class." I don't know either - the unsigned replies to my Trouble Ticket basically just said "Not our problem". "I have no intention of moving as they have always been excellent." I wasn't so much meaning "moving" as maybe making the keys available through someone else as well siuch as the Avsim store, or even direct PayPal payments to you. Richard
  10. Just a word of warning to anyone thinking of buying a reg key for FSUIP through SimMarket. Their site promises that keys will be sent out within 24 hours, but that's actually not true, which they admit on being called on it. I have been a paid user of FSUIPC since before SimMarket were even involved - back when Pete was simply asking for donations, and have every intention of continuing to be so. When I got my FSX installed and running on Friday, therefore, the very next thing I did was to download and install FSUIPC4, and then go to SimMarket to buy a key to register my copy. I paid via PayPal, and expected to get my key on Saturday. Saturday comes, no key, so I ask SimMarket where it is. Their response was "Oh, you used PayPal to buy it. If people use PayPal it can take us several days to get our money from PayPal, so we won't send you the key till we collect." Well I can perfectly understand them not wanting to send out something that they haven't yet been paid for, but they should be HONEST with their customers and tell them UP FRONT that the "within 24 hours" may not apply to PayPal customers! If their site said "Within 24 hours except for PayPal customers" I'd have used a credit card. I wanted to spend some of my thanksgiving weekend setting up the buttons and keys for my cockpit, and get to play with my new FSX, and because of their misleading site, I couldn't. So, if anyone else out there is planning to register their FSUIPC soon, be warned - DON'T use PayPal if you want the key in a hurry! Oh, and Pete - they were pretty snotty about it to me too - any chance you'll be selling it through another vendor at any time - I hate giving my business to someone with such obvious disdain for their clients. Richard
  11. What sort of aircraft do you fly? If GA, there's my FSPanel available for free download in the AVSIM file library. Richard
  12. Don't be disingenuous, Mayhem. The post was in the FDSConnect forum on the Flight Deck Software site. FDSConnect was written solely as a replacement for FSUIPC, no "other module" has the same function as FSUIPC, and the entire Glass Flight Deck / Flight Deck Software site is just awash with references to Pete's decision to start having a registered version of FSUIPC being a "rip off". There's no confusion in the mind of anyone reading the post what the "rip off" comment was meaning. Richard
  13. The aliens did that to me ..............
  14. Yes, that's exactly what Pete's post told you how to do. Richard
  15. Guess I was (am?) confused....... I see what you mean about having just integrated the wideserver DLL into FSUIPC, but I'm confused by : They won't be needed. I have a couple of freeware apps in the library that access FS through FSUIPC, and for which I was given freeware keys, so that users of an unregistered FSUIPC 3.x can use them. How will new freeware apps (or old ones tweaked to run on FSX) connect through an unregistered FSUIPC 4.x ? Richard
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