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  1. This has made a HUGE difference in the way the joystick feels and reacts. I've fiddles around with the numbers and I'm not exactly there yet but as I said, it's already a huge improvement. The one thing I did noticed is that it seems the sensitivity settings of MSFS still have an influence on how the joystick reacts regardless the fact that ailerons, elevator, and rudder as disabled in MSFS. I've just RESET them all to their default values and immediately felt the difference.
  2. Thank you for your reply ... You're right about regularly check Window's own calibration and I do it frequently. At the moment the Elevator slope is at +7 and the Rudder slope at +5 and it does help a bit but I don't need move the stick more than 1 cm in any direction to get a response with the ailerons and/or elevator. It is still very sensitive. I will however try you advice to change the range setting in the *.ini file and see what's the result.
  3. I'm searching the forum for some tips, recommendations, or suggestions regarding the 'slope' settings for elevator and ailerons and rudder when you use FSUIPC to for control surfaces. I have a Microsoft Force Feedback joystick and the controls are very (VERY) sensitive ... Does the sensitivities set in MSFS still have an effect when you only use FSUIPC for control surfaces. Any help will be appreciated Regards from Cape Town Terblanche
  4. When English is your 5th language things easily get lost in translation. Just for clarity - with FSUIPC v5 you need to buy it again and v5 is only for P3D v4 ...? I can't even remember when and where I bought FSUIPC all I know it was long before Simmarket and therefore no discount will be offered, or "early buyers" as I understand it. Don't mind, I just want to be sure. Warm regards from Cape Town Terblanche
  5. Terblanche

    Give UP! :-(

    Thank you Burkhard, I will disable all 3rd party scenery and one by one enable to see where is the culprit ... Much appreciated T
  6. Terblanche

    Give UP! :-(

    As I said - At EDDH and EDDM there are a lot of AI traffic and enroute also lots of traffic but at LFMN (Nice) there is nothing not even at 100% ... not a single plane. All three airports are from Aerosoft. Tonight I did a flight from LFMN (with NO traffic) to LOWW (from FlyTampa) where Vienna was a buzz with AI Traffic and then a flight to EGKK (Gatwick) and hold and behold there is NO traffic at all. I find this very strange! I've searched for BGL files and they are all the usual suspects from 3rd Party Software and then the BGL files in MTP6. Why most Aerosoft, FlyTampa, UK2000 airports have lots of traffic and then at places like LFMN and EGKK there is none, baffles the brain. Or maybe it is simple but I don't get it :rolleyes: Any ideas and/or advice will be welcomed.
  7. Terblanche

    Give UP! :-(

    Good evening - I've tried everything and followed the manual step by step even posted two messages on the forum. What I don't understand is the fact that MTP6 works fine for most airports and some (large international) airports have NO AI traffic at all. Just did a flight from Hamburg (EDDH) to Münich (EDDM) both airports from Aerosoft and they have lots and lots of AI traffic. Then did a flight from Münich to Nice (LFMN) - also from Aerosoft and no AI Traffic whatsoever. Not a single soul. I did everything suggested on the forum ~ disable BR2* files, downloaded latest AFCAD files, deleted them again, created forks and imported them ~ NOTHING works. Is there any explanation for this? What else can I do ...? Regards Terblanche
  8. I've now tried everything but still NO success - Why are there certain airports with no AI traffic? Example: EGKK Gatwick (UK2000) LIML Milano (Sim Giants) I've read all the forums and made sure that ALL files are installed for AFCAD and/or Traffic. Enabled and disabled BR2* files with no effects. Created some forks and imported and compiled with MTPro6 with no change. What more can I do? All my Aerosoft and FlyTampa and FranceVFR airports have traffic but above mentioned have none. Hope there is a solution Regards Terblanche
  9. I have LIMC from Sim-Giant and there are no AI on the airport. I tried to contact the developer (twice) but they do not reply. Any help will be appreciated. ;-)
  10. I recently purchased LIMC (Milan) from Sim Giants - the disappointment is that there is NO AI traffic. I've tried to create 'forks' to and from the airport but no traffic shows up. I've tried to contact the developer [sIM-GIANTS] but after two days no reply ... What could be the reason for this? All other airports are busy with lots of AI but Milan is a ghost town. Any help will be appreciated. Regards Terblanche
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