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  1. Kagazi, you have indeed been very busy. Many thanks for your efforts! PHOG is my favorite airport in the Hawaiian chain. I will install your update and report any unusual happenings. Again, thank you...:grin:.
  2. kagazi, I'm following this with great interest and anxiously await your update! Thanks...:).
  3. Thanks Kagazi for your helpful explanation. I use runway 2 exclusively. I have not tried runway 5. The taxiway bottleneck occurred at the center taxiway of the main runway as the Piper was moving from the general aviation parking area on its way to runway 2 for takeoff. An ai service truck entered the taxiway at the same time and both blocked each other. I only observed this happening once. As far as the Hawaiian B717 landing and not moving off the runway, this has happened several times, and despite the heavy traffic landing and taking off from runway 2, I have only noticed this with this p
  4. Hi Burkhard and thanks for your reply. All I was doing was reporting. In no way was I trying to make it sound critical. My apologies if it was perceived that way. I solved my own problem by merely advancing the time in the world menu of FSX by just 1 second, and all returns to normal. Your first paragraph explained it just fine...:). The airport in question is the one from MyTraffic X 5.3a, not an addon. The only other addon I have running is Ultimate Terrain X. Since I have only noticed it with the B717 and no other aircraft, I plan on doing some experimentation and removing the B717 Hawaii
  5. I have MyTraffic 5.3a installed and have scheduled various flights, and deleted several flights that really should not be there, in and out of PHOG in Hawaii. A couple of anomalies have occurred that I would like to report. First, I noticed several Hawaiian B-717 flights that have landed, rolled to a stop, told by the control tower to exist the runway, but then just sit there and never move. The control tower continues to tell the flight to exit the runway. If there is traffic waiting to take off, they just wait and wait and wait. The only occurrence that I have noticed is the B-717 Hawaiian.
  6. I downloaded the MyTraffic X 5.3a update from www.fsrail.com/949294.zip and installed. I thought all went well until I started up FSX. I received the following error messages; There are multiple objects with the same title name. They must have unique title names. B707 MyPaint50 MyTraffic\Aircraft\B707MX There are multiple objects with the same title name. They must have unique title names. B707 MyPaint51 MyTraffic\Aircraft\B707MX I closed the first message and the second message popped up. Once I closed the second message FSX started normally. I checked My Traffic Communicator and it sho
  7. Yes Burkhard, there are a number of airlines that I would like "forbidden" from coming into PHOG. I am assuming that if I go down the departure time table and check "forbidden" or "delete", and then run an auto schedule, those flights will no longer arrive from that airline, or at least, that particular aircraft connected to that flight number. I'm not so sure I want to delete anything yet. I did make a backup copy of the original MTX_V53.myt file for safe keeping. That way if I make some changes and mess things up, I can always revert back to the original and start over. One thing I do know i
  8. Thanks mgbmike for your help. After checking out the Departure Time Table, I was amazed to see the huge amount of daily departures from PHOG. I noticed the "forbidden" and "delete" button that is available. If I use either button, will I remove or forbid that particular flight from PHOG? If that is the case, it would be easy to eliminate those flights using the smaller commuter aircraft. What about flights arriving? Just don't know if is that easy! Also, I plan on adding Hawaiian Airlines as a hub for that airport. Hopefully that will bring more daily flights into PHOG. Any other suggestions a
  9. Thanks for your reply Burkhard, and please do not consider my first message to be a complaint or criticism or anything like that. Your product is an outstanding addition to my FSX flight simulation experience! No, I did not run complete "Create schedules, and files and traffic". Much of my flying is done out of, Kahului, Hawaii (PHOG). I noticed that small US commuter aircraft from US Airways, Continental Express, Midwest Connection are flying into this airport. Since these limited range commuter planes do not fly to Kahului, I would like to eliminate these airlines from this airport. Also
  10. I'm trying to eliminate certain airlines that do not fly into a particular airport, Kahului (PHOG, and have airlines that do service this airport frequent it. Reading the My Traffic X 5.3 Editor Manual under section 12, it appears that this is a very simple operation. However, following the instructions under Airline, Preferences, add preference entry, selecting the airport and airline, and then checking "forbidden", no changes appear in FSX. When I try and add an airline to frequent this airport, using the same method, also, no changes take place in FSX. I have reread the manual and searched
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