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  1. Roger that. The main program (using P3D 4.3) and data server is 4.0.2018.3100. I'm waaaay off. Thanks Confirmed this matter is resolved. Updated main program and data server with the above files and there are no errors. Thank you, JH
  2. Thanks Simon. I love STB and have been using it for years. I'm just a bit confused, is the multi-week conversion - still a work in progress? I'm having difficulty reading the above post and understanding if it's something that has been upgraded or its still being developed. Perhaps I'm not running the latest updates. I'll check into that and see. JH
  3. I posted this at the AIG forums, of which I'm a proud member and supporter. Whenever I try to compile all of my flightplans through use of the STB Compiler, the compiler crashes for each of the approximately 25 plans which were created with multi-week format. As soon as I remove each of the plans, no problem. Plans such as Vulcan Air, Aarons, Airgas, Alcoa, Ameriprise, Amgen, Amway, Anderson Trucking Service, Asphalt Materials, Boston Scientic, ebay, Clemson University, Disney, Mcdonalds, Las Vegas Sands, Albermerle Chemicals, Hagadone, etc. Again, I know it's STB's issue with a crash, but does anyone have insight as to what may be making multi-week plans crash the compiler. If that's in fact what's causing the crash. It's the only thing I can see that they have in common. John
  4. I am not perfect. I love FS Commander, I've been a user for years. I acknowledge that while the instructions for mapping a drive are pretty clear, they're also pretty archaic and I would have thought that the developer(s) would recognize that most people, forced or not, are using Windows 10. Instead, the only post is that users of Windows 10 use this at their own risk. Extremely unhelpful. A lot of planners/moving maps simply have a couple of clicks and simconnect files are read and the networking is completed. Woe are the users who think that this program is anything like that. No matter how many gazillion shares and security adjustments I made between the host and client machine (yes they are both Windows 10 OS's), I could not get the Database to show the share. Yes, I mapped it, yes it showed as mapped, yes I stood on my left leg and then my right, I tried rubbing my magic rabbit foot, cursed the developers repeatedly, but whatever the combination............absolutely no luck. Back to the instructions on networking dated 1977.....no luck. Repeat, no luck. Then today, I stumbled on this beauty on where else...........you tube. Made the adjustment in the registry and FINALLY, the FSC database recognizes the FS machine. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won't......but it's a heck of a lot easier than posting every piece of information about your system and then have the developer cut and paste his suggestions which for me have never worked.
  5. Haven't made the purchase yet, lots to check out and read about first, but....................any plans from your end? JH
  6. Hey Seth, I'll try and post something on the developers website too. This is one program that has been around since I started using FS9, sad to give up on it. Odd that the program isn't connecting. I've tried clicking the "connect" button on the main FDC page but all I sometimes get is a message "subscript out of range". I've tried to manually enter my departure and arrival airports from the main interface and the program just hangs. I'm running FDC on a client. Not holding out a ton of hope, there really is next to nothing on the forum websites on the developers webpage. Found an old post from 2013 where the author questioned how much future P3D would have due to its licensing setup. Pete thanks for the input Lets see what we can come up with. JH
  7. This also worked for me. Copy the scenery.cfg file to my desktop. Rename it scenerycfg.fsc. Copy back to the P3D main folder. Then I can compile from the client. Thanks! John
  8. Well, glad to see that you did end up reading the manual, but perhaps not as closely as you may think. Seriously, for FSC, if you can't spend the time to read about the product, you're better off using something simpler. Most of the items you have listed are personal adjustments. The frustration you experience, is coming from a lack of using the program, IMO. It's a super program but it does take some time to master its finer points. BTW, there IS zoom a attached to the mousewheel. Under Window, Options, Flight - check the box that says "Zoom with Mouse Wheel". Easy to find and easy to adjust. The "simple truth" of this program is that you need to spend more time using and reading about it. You may be able to click, click, click with some programs, FSC is not one of them. I admit it took time to adjust some settings, but after a regular bit of use, FSC is a breeze to program and manipulate. JH
  9. Thanks Pete. Appreciate your support, as always. John Haley Thunder Bay
  10. Thanks Pete. Agree, it definitely is. I'm not asking anyone to try, but in principle could it work through FSUIPC or WideFS? What I mean, are there programs that use your interface for FSX? John
  11. The reason I ask is for the interest of OPUS weather fans. There is an indication that the software can only use the SimConnect interface, but I wondered if with some modifications if either of these two pieces of software might be able to bring the wonderful world of OPUS to FS9 skies? John
  12. A shot in the dark.......... Is there any equivalent of SimConnect available to FS9 users through either FSUIPC or WideFS? What I mean is, say for example.............. Could FSUIPC or WideFS be used to breathe weather into FS9 the way a weather program injects weather into FSX via SimConnect? With some specific tinkering or modifications, If the weather program works in FSX, could it work in FS9 using FSUIPC or WideFS? Thanks John
  13. You're a smart guy Peter, thanks a ton. That did the trick. Files are where they are supposed to be. Hopefully someone else with the same problem will read this post and apply the same. Thanks, John
  14. No problem, I appreciate your support. The Wideserver.dll and Wideserver.ini are both in the modules folder. But I don't see any type of Wideserver log file....... Its' just the FSUIPC files that are in the documents folder of fs9. I do believe its working okay. I just finished a 4 hour 5 minute flight from Montreal to Denver and some of the settings within were perfect, so it does appear to be working. I'm at a loss to explain the love affair the documents folder has with these files, but I do appreciate you having a look John
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