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  1. Almost too embarrassed to reply. Fixed it, I was editing and saving the simconnect.xml in the wrong folder, the ProgramData folder where goodies like the scenery.cfg and simobject.cfg reside. Found my mistake when I read the information in the SDK readme. Moved it, voila. Back in business. Sorry Simon, but I appreciate your assistance just the same. I'll just find a nice dark, quiet spot to disappear to now. JH
  2. HI Simon, thanks for the reply. No, as noted - STB is on the client. I did some more research which included looking at posts here yesterday and it doesn't look good. Its not just STB but Little Navmap, it appears that there is some issue with Windows and Simconnect or the runtime libraries. I'm also getting a similar error message with AI Companion, which is a handy freeware program available at AIG, saying that runtime files may be missing. I checked and reinstalled all simconnect files, ALL runtime libraries on both machines, and I really didn't want to. Same error Sim is running fine, the new Active Sky is running fine but from what I read it doesn't use simconnect or at least doesn't fully use it anymore. I downloaded and installed a small program from Lorby SI called flashlight to test simconnect from the client. No luck, the program won't connect to the FS machine. I don't think I have any issue with firewall or file sharing. The network is there, WideFS is working without issue. The Data server is working, and it shows connected. I attached I'm stuck right now. I read something similar from about a year ago and one work around was the creation of a new account in windows but I'm not prepared to go there just yet. I attached a couple of files but having trouble understanding the content. Going to uninstall and reinstall the simconnect programs on the client. As suspected, when they were removed, Active Sky for v5 still works, which in some ways is too bad because it used to be a good way to test the simconnect.xml STBClient.Trace.txt STB_Client.637259450819746812.UnDeployer.txt
  3. This morning I tried to run STB but was unable to connect. The first message I received involved v++ 2015 components that were missing. STB downloaded and updated that without issue. Have never seen that before. I wonder if there was some Windows update overnight. But when I try to connect STB (on the client) there is a delay and then I get a message which states "Unable to connect to Prepar3D v5. Please make sure a flight has completed loading before trying again to connect. Of course, the sim is running, the flight is updated, there is no pausing or slewing going on. I'm just sitting at the gate. Thanks as always Simon. The program has been working with v5 flawlessly up to this morning. Running 5.0.2020.13300 STBClient.Trace.txt
  4. Just read the manual and renamed the airline to its correct identifcation "PULSE". Saved the PULSE logo in the specified folder. The old airline name was ORANGE which I gather is the name associated to Air Holland's. Now, I just need to create a new file in EditVoicepack for PULSE. Love STB JH
  5. Downoload, install on both the FS machine and client was flawless. Data Server works perfectly for all functions. Program works without issue on client machine. Settings adjusted without issue. Tested at my home location, works perfectly. Here is one tiny concern, truly not related to any sort of bug. But at my home location, we have a medical service operated by a small fleet of PC-12's. The operation is called "Ornge" , I developed flight plans for their ops across Ontario which are posted in my thread at the AIG site. However, the logo for Ornge appears as an "Air Holland" logo which I'm thinking is because there is no Ornge logo. I haven't read the manual about changing the logo, so that's on the list for this morning, but in the event that it is something that requires a modification at the developer's end, I attached both logos. Great stuff, working superbly in v5. John
  6. Still interested in testers? John
  7. I figured it out I think. Changing the trace to information showed there was a problem with the Discovery entry in the add-ons cfg. I removed it and the compiler is working the way it used to. There's a whole bunch of other information, but I'm not sure exactly what that means. STBDataServer.Trace.txt
  8. Just realized that the Data Server has its own verbose tracing. That file has a lot more information, but it's too large to attach
  9. Thanks Simon, I should have mentioned in the OP that I had, in the last couple of days, changed the folder structure of my addons. Those changes were captured and saved in the Lorby SI tool. Things appeared to be working okay, but I'm a bit baffled. It's like the compiler is reading from the default scenery location. John
  10. AppData add-ons.cfg STBClient.Trace.txt STBDataServer.Trace.txt Program Data add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  11. Hello, a long time user and fan of STB. P3D v4.5 user. Latest version of make runways installed Recently, when I have tried to compile the Airports Database with the Data Server (latest versions of both the program and server installed), I noticed during the compile that the program is reading the standard xml and csv files from within the simulator. No issue there. But then the only traffic file that appears to be read is the trafficcarriers.bgl. Normally, all the flightplans are read from my scenery file located outside the sim. This compile is taking only an instant because I believe only one file is being processed. Normally, the compiler reads all the bgl's. Traffic is appearing on the client, I believe as it should. But somehow, it appears to me that all of the customized plans are no longer being read. Suggestions? JH
  12. Roger that. The main program (using P3D 4.3) and data server is 4.0.2018.3100. I'm waaaay off. Thanks Confirmed this matter is resolved. Updated main program and data server with the above files and there are no errors. Thank you, JH
  13. Thanks Simon. I love STB and have been using it for years. I'm just a bit confused, is the multi-week conversion - still a work in progress? I'm having difficulty reading the above post and understanding if it's something that has been upgraded or its still being developed. Perhaps I'm not running the latest updates. I'll check into that and see. JH
  14. I posted this at the AIG forums, of which I'm a proud member and supporter. Whenever I try to compile all of my flightplans through use of the STB Compiler, the compiler crashes for each of the approximately 25 plans which were created with multi-week format. As soon as I remove each of the plans, no problem. Plans such as Vulcan Air, Aarons, Airgas, Alcoa, Ameriprise, Amgen, Amway, Anderson Trucking Service, Asphalt Materials, Boston Scientic, ebay, Clemson University, Disney, Mcdonalds, Las Vegas Sands, Albermerle Chemicals, Hagadone, etc. Again, I know it's STB's issue with a crash, but does anyone have insight as to what may be making multi-week plans crash the compiler. If that's in fact what's causing the crash. It's the only thing I can see that they have in common. John
  15. I am not perfect. I love FS Commander, I've been a user for years. I acknowledge that while the instructions for mapping a drive are pretty clear, they're also pretty archaic and I would have thought that the developer(s) would recognize that most people, forced or not, are using Windows 10. Instead, the only post is that users of Windows 10 use this at their own risk. Extremely unhelpful. A lot of planners/moving maps simply have a couple of clicks and simconnect files are read and the networking is completed. Woe are the users who think that this program is anything like that. No matter how many gazillion shares and security adjustments I made between the host and client machine (yes they are both Windows 10 OS's), I could not get the Database to show the share. Yes, I mapped it, yes it showed as mapped, yes I stood on my left leg and then my right, I tried rubbing my magic rabbit foot, cursed the developers repeatedly, but whatever the combination............absolutely no luck. Back to the instructions on networking dated 1977.....no luck. Repeat, no luck. Then today, I stumbled on this beauty on where else...........you tube. Made the adjustment in the registry and FINALLY, the FSC database recognizes the FS machine. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won't......but it's a heck of a lot easier than posting every piece of information about your system and then have the developer cut and paste his suggestions which for me have never worked.
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