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  1. On the gps window of commander press the ILS button then press on the chosen ILS freq and rwy and it will be transfered to the radio stack of that plane,commander wont transfer freq if theres no ILS approches.
  2. Jee i never knew that, ive always manually zoomed how do you do that.?
  3. Thanking you very much for clearing that up cheers
  4. Hi pete NO prob to report just need a bit of clarification with fsuipc4.70c.. Im currently running registed fsiupc4.60 with the latest update 4.669 and also registed widefs7 with wideclient 6.824 all is running sweet but due to no more updates to 4.60 ill prolly have to change to 4.70c my question is will i have to purchase a licence for the new update 4.70c or will my licence for 4.60 work ,also will i have to uninstall 4.60 completely before i install 4.70c as i have all me axis buttons and switches assign will installing this later version muck all this up cheers
  5. thanks volker for your prompt reply i understand cheers
  6. hi Is there any way of making the radar that shows multiplayer aircraft in the moving map scan futher out ??? say to 80-100 miles out. cheers
  7. Thankyou very much for the reply ian that explains everything cheers malleeman
  8. hi there just purchased flightsim commander 9.0 25-11-2010 as a download from www.simmarket.com i was sent the registration key and details all is well there product is registed succesful problem i have is when i log onto aerosoft support-database were it promps me to enter the downloaded version serial number and email adress (shop login) well ive entered every possible email address for simmarket and to no avail can i registair keeps coming up saying (serial number or email adress incorect ) my serial number was sent to me as one big long number no spaces or dashes in between. what could i be doing wrong is anyone else having this problem cheers
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