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  1. Sorry for your ill health. I just underwent open heart surgery last Dec 20th to replace my aortic valve and two bypasses. I feel 100% better then the last 20 years!. There were no real symptoms and the need was discovered during a routine cardiac cath procedure. Please take care of yourself and get well soon.
  2. On my fresh install of 2.5 I found this hidden file here: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\simobjects.cfg. Added the full path as entry 9 and now I have traffic!
  3. Hello Burkhard, Been awhile. Although I have no imminent solution, perhaps what I have experienced may help. Running 5.4b since it was released with no problems. Also, I never touch schedules or any other setting except traffic %. So I get the "c"patch and install the patch b to c. First off I noticed black planes that never had before at my home KCOS. I was not quick enough to get the type but smaller than the Bowings. Maybe a CRJ-200. Anyway I let the black planes have their space and flew for maybe a week all the while getting CTD's. Random. So I started looking around and
  4. My bad on NWA - I normally don't fly wher they do but I just went to KMSP and I couldn't find a NWA livery anywhere. Sorry. Here a small jpg of the new united livery. Lots of pictures now at airliners.net Regards, Ralph
  5. You are very welcome!! Just 3 things at the moment could keep things real. First the strobes ...they are awesome. But they do all flash at once. I remembered a files for FS9 that changed that. I found the file and lights flash differently now. Works just as well in FSX. Here's the filename: asynchronous_strobes_effects.zip. It can be found at Avsim . Secondly Delta Airlies has purchased Northwest and they are fading out the NW liveries in favor of the New Delta paints. Thirdly, United has bought Continnental and all of the Continnental planes are being repainted in new colors. United on the
  6. Jusat wanted to say after all the years of following your work that you make flying fun! Thank you for the free 5.3a upgrade. Strrobe lights are awesome. All installed perfectly and while I have not tried all of the new features yet, I am most impressed with what I see in the documentation. The visual models are awesome. Thanks again, Ralph Zimmerman www.realatc.net
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