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  1. well - I hope dovetail learned their lesson - "don't change anything you don't neet to change" ...they didn't make many fans by doin' it (and I don't only speak of addon developers having to do hotfixes)
  2. installed the update today - up and running just a reminder to others: I made the mistake to install the STB on a remote computer before updating the simconnect client, didn't work :???: .... FIRST update simconnect -> THEN update STB :idea: (lesson learned) Thanks for the fast support! happy landings Juergen
  3. thanks for the fast answer would be a good move not to change the simconnect with any new build if not adding any functionality :cool: Standing by for news
  4. Sorry to report, but the latest FSX:SE build (62615) seems to have broken the compatibility for some addons that use simconnect (again) Happy landings Juergen
  5. Hi! it looks as if STB-Server doesn't work with the FSX-SE Update released today (using a new simconnect Version) any patch in sight? Happy Landings Juergen
  6. That solved it :razz: i used just the "default" Win7 Zip-Tool - and it gave me errors Thank's for the help Juergen P.S. I LOVE that TrafficBoard for "Sightseeing" my AI-Traffic
  7. Hi! I downloaded the Update for the DS (STBDS_V32_FSX_UPDATE.zip) but I'm not able to install as I get an error unpacking the archive (re-downloading n dfferent Comps didn' help) Maybe anything is broken? Happy Landings Juergen
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