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  1. I received a kind suggestion on another forum that the problem might be permissions. The following is a copy of my reply: I have gone into advanced and edited each relative folder granting permission to "everyone" and still cannot compile the flight plans originated on my secondary computer in PFE. What additionally confuses me is that previously it worked and I have not knowingly changed anything. All are shared. Again, I can access all files and folders from either computer, and when saved from the secondary to the primary the flight plan is transferred where it should be. There is just something in the format PFE doesn't like. That being said the following is a work around with FSC installed on both computers: 1. Originate the flight plan in FSC on the secondary computer and save it. 2. Originate exactly the same flight plan in FSC on the primary computer and save it. (If the plan from the secondary computer was saved to Flight Simulator Files or Flight Simulator X files in My Documents, this save from FSC on the primary computer will overwrite it with a good working file with no format problems.) 3. Compile the flight plan in PFE.. 4. Have a good flight with everything working, including PFE communication. "GPS" can then be activated on the FSC in the secondary computer and the flight can be tracked normally. The only reason for implementation of FSC on the primary computer is to be able to get PFE to compile the flight plan. FSC on the primary can then be shut down if so desired. In any cane this frees up my fourth monitor for unique FSC use. This is a bit of a nuisance, but it really only takes about a min. to originate a flight plan in FSC unless it is a complex one. Duplicating the plan on a second computer adds a min. Respectfully: RTH
  2. Previously, I have used dual video cards on my primary computer implementing three monitors, one which was dedicated to FlightSim Commander. Recently due to a video card failure, I lost the use of one monitor. I have also used a secondary computer with another dedicated monitor for other applications for years which gave me four monitors until the card failure. As a solution, I chose to install FlightSim Commander on the secondary computer implementing FSUIPC and WideFS/WideClient and have the third and fourth monitors on that computer. Obviously I had to jump through a few hoops in setup to get everything working, particularly mapping my drives. Everything went find for months until recently and I now have the following problem. I save my flight plans originated in FSC on the secondary computer to my "Flight Simulator Files" or "Flight Simulator X Files in My Documents on the primary computer with no problem. However, when I try to convert them with PFE/FS2000 I am getting a Proflight Emulator error window that tells me, "No change necessary for this Flight Plan or Format Unknown!" I am puzzled as this was working fine until recently. I saw that there is an upgrade, so upgraded to version 9.6 Rev.5 For good measure, I installed FSC back on my primary computer, There is no problem at all. The Flight Plans are originated exactly the same on either computer, and are saved in the Flight Simulator Files or Flight Simulator X Files and appear to be exactly the same, but apparently something is being changed in their format. Any Ideas? RTH
  3. Hello again Volker: Nothing has changed on my PC with the exception of having to reformat my C drive and reinstall everything. (Nothing new that is different from the previous installation with the exception that I followed your recommendations to avoid the program folders.). Note that all Flight Simulator Files are installed on separate hard drives. F is for FS9. E is for FSX. H is a backup drive where I periodically backup everything with the SyncBack program. I even tried just copying my backup FSC folder (after installation) and got the same problem. I replied to your email. I downloaded and installed FSC Version 9.5. Looks good although thus far I don't know what it gives me that the earlier versions did not provide. Like those before it, it looks like a great addon for FS. Thanks for your dandy contributions to FS. RTH
  4. Thanks for the reply Volker: Yes, I have read the posts you reference many times. I may be overlooking something there somewhere, but I don't think I am getting to the point where at least most of the content is relative. I cannot complete the setup to run the trial version which if I understand correctly should require no license for a trial run. I get the setup error I mentioned in my original post during setup. In any case, I have emailed you and hope that I say something there that will let you see my error, and that you can correct me with a solution. Forgive the lengthy email, but I was trying to give you all the information I can provide. What confuses me, is that with the exception of a new installation location I am doing everything exactly as I originally did long ago with no problems. Same Windows 7. Same FS. Same FSC installation setup.exe. My original installation was even where you emphasize it should not be (Program (x86). I never knew this was a problem and that it should not have been installed there. it worked flawlessly for a long time. Thanks again for your help! RTH
  5. As per your instruction post, please note the following: 1. FS Versions: Both FS9 + fs91upd.exe and FSX + fsx_sp1_ENU and fsx_sp2_ENU. 2. FSUIPC Versions: FS9: 3.999Z8 (Site called it 3.999Z9; FSX: 4.4.929 3. FS Commander Version: 80, upgraded to 81 4. Airac Cycle: As my post will explain, have not been able to get that far yet. 5. Simflight Version: Simmarket Order No. 365599 6. Operating System: Windows 7 64bit I recently formatted and reinstalled my operating system with all updates. I am presently in the process of reinstalling all of my addons for FS9. FSX is installed, but I will work on addons for that version when I finish FS9 (near completion). I have been happy with FSC for a number of years, reinstalling periodically thanks to hardware upgrades. Being that the download was a trial version, my understanding is that it was to be downloaded and installed anywhere but in a program folder, then my zipped registration from simMarket was to unzipped to my main fsc folder. My problem is that during the installation, near the end I get an error message: "The file C:\windows\system32\usp.dll could not be opened. Please check that your disk is not full and that you have access to the destination directory." I have tried putting my registration in anyway which goes fine, but still cannot operate FSC. I realize there is a completely new set 90 versions out, but does this mean that the 80 series cannot now be reinstalled anymore. What scares me, is that even if I purchased the latest and greatest, I might still have this problem with installation. I have tried installation on my other hard drives with the same results. I have full permissions and ownership of all folders and files. UAC is set at the bottom "never notify" as well. Your help sure would be appreciated as I sure would hate to loose FSC. Respectfully: RTH
  6. Hello: 1. Originated a flightplan with FSC from KJFK to EHAM. 2. Saved flightplan in the FSC, PMDG, and Flight Simulator X Files folders. 3. Converted the plan to PF2000 with the OnCourse FS9/FSX FPlan Converter. 4. In the SelectFLT option of Proflight2000, selected my saved flight (PFE-KJFKEHAM.pln). 5. The flightplan would not compile (Compile option in PF2000 is never highlighted and active). 6. Recompiled a flight plan with only the origin (KJFK) and destination (EHAM) with no other waypoints. Still would not compile. 7. Originated a flight from EGLL to EHAM: Would not compile (Origin and destination only). 8. Originated a flight from EHAM to EGLL: Still would not compile Origin and destination only). 9. Originated a flight from KJFK to EHVB (destination, a Navy base some 15 miles SW of EHAM) Flightplan compiled flawlessly. Conclusion: For some reason, EHAM is not recongnized when I try to compile the flightplan. At this point, I thought the problem was in PFE/PF2000. However, please note the following: 10, Originated a KJFKEHAM flight plan with the intergral FSX Flight Planner. The flightplan compiled flawlessly in PFE/PF2000 which I think lets them off the hook. Within the flightplans saved in the Flight Simulator X Files folder, there is something different between the FSC originated EHAM, and the FSX Planner Map originated EHAM . The FSC choice with this airport does not compile in PFE/PF2000, but when selected from the FSX Flight Planning map, she works fine. Of course, the effort required to originate such a flight with the FSX planner is prohibitive. However, the same holds true if only the origin/destination are implemented. The flight will not compile with EHAM selected from FSC, but will with the same airport selected by the FSX planner. I have compiled countless FSC originated flightplans within PFE/PF2000 with FSC for both FS9 and FSX over many months, and this is the first glitch of this sort I have found, so this in no way is meant to flame anything. Any Ideas? Respectfully: RTH
  7. Thanks for the replies folks: Thanks to your suggestions, I now have FSC working fine wih FS9. Now to go on to FSX. If I read another post somewhere correctly, someone is also implementing ProFlight2000 / PFE with WideFS on a secondary computer. If that is workable, I sure will be useing that format as well. If whoever made the post or anyone else has any pointers and advice for that setup, it also would be greatly appreciated. My system is a bit different from what was applicable to some of the suggestions. I have multiple harddrives. My "E" drive is dedicated to FSX (E:Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X). My "F" drive is dedicated to FS9 (F:Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator 9). What worked for me was as follows: 1. Installed FS9 + addons including FSUIPC and WideFS6. 2. Installed FSX + addons including FSUIPC and WideFS7 3. Right clicked Local Disk "E" (My E hard drive on my primary computer. Yours may be different) 4. Selected "Sharing and Security..." 5. Put a checkmark in "Share this folder on the network" with "Share name E". 6. Right clicked Local Disk "F" (My F hard drive on my primary computer. Yours may be different) 7. Selected "Sharing and Security..." 8. Put a checkmark in "Share this folder on the network" with "Share name F". 9. Right click "My Computer" on my secondary computer. 10. Select "Map Network Drive" 11. Left the default "Drive: Z:" as the selected drive. 12. Browsed to and selected: "f on Office (Rogers)" which is the F drive and my primary computer's name. Yours of course will be different. 13. Selected: "F:Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator 9". 14. Right click "My Computer" on my secondary computer. 15. Select "Map Network Drive" 16. Left the default "Drive: Y:" as the selected drive. 17. Browsed to and selected: "e on Office (Rogers)" which is the E drive and my primary computer's name. Yours of course will be different. 18. Selected: "F:Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X". Happy Flyhing: RTH
  8. I feel sure that I am overlooking the obvious and the solution to my short between the ears is probably simple, but I think it is time to tuck my tail between my legs and ask for help. I have just installed WideFS6 for FS9, and WideFS7 for FSX. Both are registered ok (along with the compatible FSUIPC downloads which I have used for years). On my client computer/monitor I get a "WideClient FS98 Eliminator - Waiting for a connection" window. If I understood correctly, two of the programs that can be used in WideFS are FSNav (FS9) and FlightSim Commander (FS9 and/or FSX). so my first attempt is to install and implement these two programs. My problem is that I don't know how (and possibly where) to install and inititate these programs to get them to play fair. My understanding was that the FS9 and/or FSX programs needed to be installed only on the primary computer, and that the secondary programs (in this case FSNav and FSC) needed to only be installed on the secondary client computer. When I try to install FSNav on my client computer, one of the first results I get is a window that pop up as follows: Window one: "InstallShield Wizard Choose Destination Location Select folder where Setup will install files The Setup will install FSNavigator for FS2004. Type or search the path to the FS2004 folder C:\Microsoft Games\FS2004 Browse" The "destination location"is not on this computer, but on the primary. How do I "select" the primary location and move forward in my setup from this point? The setup for FSC does allow me to install the program which a little farther than I got with FSNav. However, After installing FSC, the first thing that is required is to load the data base ("FSCDbManager80"). When executing this update, the first thing that is requested is: "Please specify path for Flight Simulator manually!" Being that FS9 (and FSX) are on the primary computer, how do I "specify" the location and move forward from this step? I have ovlooked how to do this in the manual and assume that it is specific to the individual programs one is trying to implement, but I thought that if I could master these two, I could move forward with others thereafter. Per chance, is there a tutorial for such a scenario, and if so where might I find the link? Please forgive my ignorance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully: RTH
  9. Sorry for the duplication. I did not realize that this was the same forum as that referenced by the SimMarket link. Reference: "ORDER Number 543618" I have changed my email address since I purchased FSUIPC. Old address: oma00036@mail.wvnet.edu New address: rthodgestoo@verizon.net I just purchased WideFS7 (with my new address) When I try to register WideFS7, the registration window in FlightSimulator comes up with the following: Name: Roger Hodges Email or Address/ZIP (min 8 chars): oma00036@mail.wvnet.edu Enter or paste the Key here: When I paste my key, I get the following message: "Sorry, this Key is not valid for WideFS registration." The top of the WideFS registration window reads: "For WideFS registration, just enter the Key you obtained which matches your existing details." FSUIPC registers fine with the old and no longer valid email address which is fixed in the registration window. My assumption is that the problem is the entry of the old email address which does not match my order for WideFS, and the window will not allow me to edit it to my new address which has been updated in my account. How do I register my new WIDEFS7 due to this scenario? Respectfully: RTH Edit: Note: I have entered a SimMarket claim ticket with this information.
  10. Pete: I have progressively updated the autosave versions as I noticed they were available, and I check the flightsim and avsim forums daily. For the autosave files in my folder, natuarally I just deleted them (yea I know, never throw anything away). However, I do have backups made of that folder in May of this year which include not 10, but 109 paired autosaved files. I think this somewhat confirms our suspicions. They are all dated from January of this year, so there appears to be a lapse in between as I fly (FS) virtually every day. Somewhere between May and near the present time later added files were obviously retained again as the quantity multiplied greatly. How time flies. I need to update backups. I am pretty sure I have not cleaned house since May nor did I have your latest .dll until sometime after that month, so the conclusion in question certainly seems logical to me. (Multiple autosaves with older autosave.dll's which have been retained for some time.) In any case, everything is working fine now. Appears that the solution is simply to delete autosaved files and be sure one has the latest autosave.dll. Then starting over she works perfectly. Thanks again: RTH
  11. Hello again Pete: Well, I really didn't find anything interesting, but for what it is worth I did the following: First like a dummy, I picked the wrong end to begin. I began adding the different groups of saved files back into my Flight Simulator Files instead of leaving everything there and deleting the autosave files first for a try. 1. Flights I had originated. 2. Misty Fjord related flights 3. DC9 Iron Knuckles 4. Carrier & Catapult Flights 5. Hughes Spruce Goose 6. All the ".PLN" files I had originated 7. Anything that was left. No cigar. Murphey's law took over and she still worked perfectly after each step. The only thing left out: The mass of autosave files. I put the saved original trouble folder back in which also still included the multitude of autosaved files. In trial flights, the most recent 10 flights did update, but all of the rest remained as they were. I simply deleted all of the autosaved files and started over and as near as I can tell everything is working fine. You mentioned that some previous versions of the autosave.dll had a similar problem. Is it possible that what I had was residue from a previous version that just remained? Again, thanks for your help and the great programs. RTH
  12. Good Morning Pete: I made a long drawn out reply to your reply which apparently did not post. (Don't think I was logged in). Thankfully, you may not have to read all of that anyway. I think you hit on my problem with corrupt files in my flight simulator files folder. I do have Autosave 1.5. I do have a number of PSS files among others, many of which I do not know their origin or what they are. The most suspicious thing is that I have a multitude of only autosave ".FLT" files without the paired ".WX" file. In short, I renamed my flight simulator file for backup and created a new empty one. I then reinstalled your autosave.dll and cranked up a flight. The ten groups are updating as they should just fine. I will now start putting the saved files that I want to keep back in by a process of elimination to see if I can either find the problem, or leave it out and ignore it. Sorry for misleading you with my last confusing statement. What I meant was that I switched horses and was talking about loading autosaved flights. For example, I had a number of autosaved flights for WED in 1 min. intervals (many more than ten). All of them loaded the aircraft at the exact same spot. Thanks for your prompt and kind attention. RTH
  13. Hello Pete: I have the default setup for autosave. In my autosave.cfg file, I have 10 autosaves shown as per the readme file. In Documents and Settings\roger T. Hodges\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files I have an unlimited number of autosaves (assumed that all are saved). Presently, there are 1,137 autosaves in this folder. Is this normal, or should there also only be ten files in my flight simulator files folder? I recently had a situation where no current files were autosaved, yet there were many in the folder. Also, the last few of them were all the same thing. I wondered if the folder was saturated with autosaved files and it was not able to take any more. I have no problem deleting the autosaved files and it starts over again, but seems to retain ALL autosaved files thereafter. Thank you: RTH
  14. For some reason, every time I try to download your check version file I get the following result and error message: "The file was not found on the server. The URL used was: http://www.projectmagenta.com/downloadskver16.zip" Is this file no longer available, or is the problem on my end? I have no problem at all downloading upgrade versions of FSUIPC from this site. Thanks: RTH
  15. Cannot adjust course selection with FSUIPC active with the Dreafleet 737/FFX merge. With FSUIPC disabled or removed from the modules folder, as per the instructions, adjustment is possible in 10 degree increments. I understand that this is normal operation with an unregistered version, but mine is registered. With FS9 up and running, my Modules>FSUIPC>About window reads "Version FSUIPC Version 3.125 18th November 2003 This is a Registered copy! Thank you!" on the left side of the window. The right side reads: "Registration This FSUIPC is registered to Roger Hodges oma00036@mail.wvnet.edu" I have tried various older versions of FSUIPC with the same results. I have also searched my system for an installation of an older version lurking somewhere and have found nothing so far. Any ideas? RTH
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