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  1. No rush. This can wait until the installer is done. By the way, log is sent if there is any good info for you regarding the pushback direction menu missing. Br, Jouni
  2. Well actually it behaves the same way here. I thought it was GSX behaving oddly so that's why i added n>1 to first check in LUA script so that it only writes menus if there are at least one row :) And in my own application that reads menu.txt it's showing it only if txtfile is recent than previous menu shown and menu is hidden when any button in my own app is pressed and send to GSX Yeah, it was the only solution i could find to be able to get gsx text to my application https://github.com/jounip/iFlyWebUi (ugly code as it's 2nd program ever I'm writing) Will do tomorrow as I'm offsite today. Might not give you new info though as said, behaviour is similar to yours. Br, Jouni
  3. hi, Seems to be behaving the same way in P 3.4. if pushback is aborted. then menus work in LUA only after closed and opened again. FSUIPC: 4.956, P3D: Br, Jouni
  4. hi, The issue was seen on p3D v3.3. I have installed v3.4 now but have not tested it yet. Will do this evening. System continues to work after I send F12 2 times to close and open menu again. Then all is clear. Until next pushback abort. This only happens when push back is aborted. Also I need to double check but this might happen also on first pushback selection but i'm not sure now as I'm not near the simulator but at work Br, Jouni
  5. hi, I'm creating application that does show GSX menu and relevant buttons to input menu selections to GSX via browser in my iPad. For that i'm running wideclient and saving the menus to text file my application reads and converts to webpage. usually it works great but i've found out one bug that happens everytime. Seeing from the ipc.log in lua script i can see that wideclient is not even loggin the menu when this happens so seems it's not a bug in my app reading the text file but something inside GSX, simulator, wideserver or wideclient or just my ini settings. really easy to reproduce if you have gsx: 1) open gsx menu and request pushback and make selections needed 2) abort pushback 3) open gsx menu again and request pushback. the next screen asking for pushback directions is not logged? attached lua script i'm using. Could you check and test if it's only me and if possible give some hints how to make it to work FYI, i haven't tested if this works better when running wideclient on 2nd machine but will do that after weekend. Currently running on same machine where sim running with instance=1 ini setting. i can also provide logs if needed after weekend when i'm back in the sim function textandmenu(mtype, colour, scroll, delay, id, n, msgs) if n > 0 then ipc.log("text and menu function type ".. mtype .. " messages ".. n) if mtype == 2 then -- Menu file = io.open("gsxmenu.txt", "w+") io.output(file) --first row of messages is not needed as 2nd one is the subject of menu and 1st is just gsx general subject --io.write(msgs[1]) --io.write("\n") io.write(msgs[2]) io.write("\n") i = 3 j = 1 while i <= n do io.write(j .. " - " .. msgs[i]) io.write("\n") i = i + 1 j = j + 1 if (j > 9) then j = 0 end end io.close(file) else -- Text file = io.open("gsxtext.txt", "w+") io.output(file) io.write(msgs[1]) io.write("\n") io.close(file) end end end event.textmenu(0, "textandmenu")
  6. First public beta released: http://library.flight1.net/?p=2886 Br, Jouni
  7. Hi Pete, First, thanks for FSUIPC. It's just great addon for the sim community. Second, I'm writing an freeware interface between iFly 737NG and FSUIPC and it's almost ready to be published as first public beta. Couple of questions for you: 1) I'm using offsets from 0x5300 to 0x53FF as FSUIPC documentation stated those are free to use and as I know that for example Sim-Avionics are using those offsets as well. My app and Sim-Avionics are not compatible and there would be no logic to run both at the same time so i'm assuming it's ok for me to use those. Do you agree? 2) As FSUIPC clients doesn't need registration anymore (read this from the forums) I hope you are ok with the fact that I use use fsuipc in my freeware app? Br, Jouni http://737.arkku.net
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