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  1. Hello Volker, My problem installing FSC 9.6: -downloaded from aerosoft -when installing: message: "first uninstall previous version" -from configuration pannel: trying to uninstall FSC9 = message "fist uninstall previous version"! -tried to delete FSC programm files, same result in Configuration Panel = "first uninstall previous version" !!! What can I do now ? Windows 7, FSX and P3D installed Thanks for you help. Best regards Charles Chammartin, Switzerland
  2. Hi Volker, My problem was getting to the "Eigenshaften von FSC 95 FSX" in french "Propriétés de : FSC.exe - FSX" May be you could specify = right click on the short cut for FSC ? and Propriétés or Eigenschaften. What's nice with flight simulation: we learn to fly, informatic and language !!! Many thanks. Regards. Charles
  3. Hello Vorker, Sorry to disturb you again ! In the FSC Upgrade 9.5, supplement to the Manual 9.x you write: "Users who frequently switch between FS2004, or FSX or P3D may want to place therre icons on their desktop, each with a different parameter" I would like to switch between FSX and P3d on my 2 computers, one runs on Windows 7 and the orther on Windows 8.1. I have been unable to do the different icons. Can you help ? Many thanks. Charles
  4. Hello Volker, Great, it works perfectly. Many thanks for your quick reaction. Best regards Charles
  5. Hello Volker, Thanks for your attention for my problem and sorry that I did not give you all required informations: 1. FSX Gold Edition 2. FSUIPC4, 4.934 3. FSCommander 9.5 Build 14 march 2014 Airac 1408 5. Download from simMarket (update) 14.04.2014 6. Windows 8.1, Intel i7 3,4 Ghz I have been using FSCommander for many years with success. I recently installed the add-on TacPack from VRS. Since this installation, FSCommander starts, opens on my second screen and then crashes (No response). This happens if I activate TacPack or not also if I start FSCommander first or after FSX. Many thanks for your help, I really need FSCommander. I use it in multplayer sessions to check the whereabouts of my students ! I also use it for flight planning and IFR flights. Regards Charles
  6. No error message, FSCommander opens in a window and then crashes (Ne répond pas = No response). If it is a TacPack setup problem, which one ?? Thanks Charles
  7. Hello, After installing TacPack from VRS, FSCommander crashes, if TacPack is activated or not. Any solution ? Thanks Charles
  8. Hi Volker, Thanks it works perfectly. Charles
  9. Hello, I had problem with FSC9.0, I read the instruction not to install FSC on drive C: if running Windows 7 what I had done. Therefore I tried to desinstall FSC and bought a new download of FSC 9.1 (order Aerosoft 313319 2.12.2011). But trying to install FSC 9.1 I get the message: "Please uninstall the previous version first !!" I have tried all methods to desinstall the previous version (including with TuneUp), no way, I always come to this window. Thanks for helping solve this problem. Charles
  10. FSUIPC

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      Yes it seems really difficult to find a solution, for the problems on 4.7b ...

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