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  1. Hi. I'm sure this has been addressed before. My Logitech extreme 3d pro works fine in FSX under windows 8.1- until I use a third party ACARS program - which calls FSX via FSUIPC - I have the free version ( I used to have the full version, but I lost my licence some how). I am thinking if I buy the full version again, and configure my joystick via FSUIPC only, disabling it in FSX, this might resolve it. What would you advise?
  2. OK, Thanks Pete.... I didn't expect there to be an issue with your code... I've been using it for years now, and on its own is the single most significant enhancement to flight simming - without it, very few of the things we take for granted today would have ever been possible. Pity you don't work in healthcare informatics - would make my life a whole lot easier! I'll check the logs though...it could well be that I have a problem with SimConnect. All the best, Drew
  3. Yeah, I looked at LINDA... very impressive, but I couldn't get it to work properly... having said that I was having trouble with the controllers configured in FSX.cfg at the time, which I've since resolved, so I'll give it another go. Thanks Andy
  4. Hi all On older generation aircraft - like the LDS 763 or the F1 ATR - I have made good use of mouse macros to get the button assignments I need from my saitek yoke/quadrant. For newer aircraft that are all VC - typically PMDG J4100 or the Real Air Duke, I appear to be unable to use mouse macros. Am I missing something? I've looked into using LUA or offsets, but frankly I'm a bit bewildered by the topics, so here's a scenario... I want to assign buttons to the START and STOP buttons on the overhead in the J4100 - so I can monitor the engine readouts while the engines spool up, and pull the throttles back into beta when shutting down to engage the stop locks properly. I can't find the command to assign the buttons to in FSUIPC (right side of the screen). The 737NGX isn't so bad because they've included a key assignment module - so I an look up the key assignment and configure the button to it. Has anybody addressed this? Should I be using a LUA profile or something, and if so, has anybody produced a "LUA guide for dummies"?
  5. Ah.... I've been frantically searching for the cause of the "ding dong".... figured out it was low memory but couldn't figure out what was generating it. Here's the thing though..... with version 4.751a I get nice smooth performance and no OOM warnings, and indeed no OOM failures. With version 4.8 or newer, not only do I get OOM warnings, but I get significantly lower performance - drops from the usual 18-20 FPS to 9-12 FPS - with a complex aircraft at a complex airport, no traffic, normal auto gen and FSX generated weather, but all the other settings at max -. If I regress to version 4.751a the performance springs back up again. Now, far be it for me to cast aspersions... but is there something in the newer versions that uses significantly more memory than the older versions, and might it be possible that something isn't releasing memory as it should? Are there functions - like logging - that I can switch off in FSUIPC?. Please appreciate, though, my system is pretty low-end... some products clobber my performance in FSX - notably pretty much any Aerosoft Scenery add ons.. I've got a lowly 3 gig RAM - I could go to 4, but that's about as much as my main board will take. If I'm careful which add ons I use, I can get away with it, but FSUIPC is pretty much essential, so if there's a problem there, I could do with some help resolving it. Best Regards Drew Melia
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