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  1. Hi, I'd just like to add a little note (and desperate final attempt) onto this post. I have been told that one possible cause of the FSUIPC.dll problem that is listed above is installing the PMDG 747 - that has caused this problem for me. I have not attempted to re-install this amazing piece of software yet, but I will do so in the next few days and let you know if it works. In the mean time, is there nothing else that could possibly work? I have done steps 1 to 3 listed above here, however I cannot and will not re-install my windows, for the main reason that I have all of my work of this computer and I cannot possibly do a re-install, its just not feesable. I have been flown for a number of virtual airlines, however due to this problem I have had to leave most of them, and I am on leave from another one, with 79 days remaining - in order to keep with that airline, my favourite one, I must get this problem solved before this time runs out. I have also been unable to fly online, on the IVAO or Vatsim Networks, and as a future airline pilot, flying online is very helpful to my training. I have Re-installed Flight Simulator from scratch, and still the problem happens. Is there absolutely no alternative to fixing this problem as opposed to re-installing windows? I had the "My signature check fails on the installed FSUIPC4.DLL" message so I tried to re-install FSUIPC 4.60a. No joy. I then checked the Internet explorer/content/untrusted publishers file. No Joy - the two files in there could not be deleted and were both "Verisign Commercial Software CA." I then proceded to check the registry file that you mentioned, and hoped to delete it, however there was no file with the same name that you mentioned - the only one was "default." Is there anything else to try? Will this problem be fixed in FSUIPC 4.7 which I saw will be released in the coming few weeks? Thank you in Anticipation. James :)
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