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  1. I experience problems working with FSUIPC and Linda with my parallel install. FSUIPC in itself seem to be working fine as I can scan for my different axis and they are correctly identified. But when I start Linda (not the GUI but when through FSUIPC6.in the ipcReady.lua and the Linda.lua are started and I see the Simconnect message "Linda ready" appear, then FSUIPC6 is not responding anymore. If I try to Rescan for my axis it found nothing. With a dual FSUIPC6 installation in the p3dv5 add-ons folder, both p3d v4 and p3d v5 display the same behavior. I'm exchanging with Andrew
  2. Introduction This post explains how you can use a LUA routine to access the status of the buttons/switches/selectors/gear and flaps lever and trim wheel (herewith named collectively as Buttons) on 3 Saitek panels using FSUIPC and Linda. The first section presents a quick instruction to start gathering information based on lua program attached to this post. The second section gives a simple example of a Lua program that access the Saitek panel buttons status and select specific FSX/P3D actions accordingly. The third section goes more into the details about how this LUA programs was made.
  3. Hi Pete, Was abroad for a couple of week so didn't had time to post the information in the user contribution. I will do it eventually but I have now problem to have a consistent access to the Saitek modules. At the beginning of this week, I made a fresh install of Prepar3dV2.2 on a new SSD drive and tried my 3 modules again just to find that their behavior was now erratic. I get access to the Radio panel most of the time (but not always), Multi is so so.. .about 50% success and I'm not able anymore to access the Switch panel. I took a couple of hours on the last two evening to investigate
  4. And if it may help others people to get access to their Saitek panel, here is the mapping of the value returned by each switches and button. they fit in 17 or 19 bytes so reading a single double world is sufficient to get the complete status of the panel. Note: The value returned is the sum of the value associated with all switch position and button that are pushed. Saitek Radio Panel Button 1 (top left) 1= com1 2= com2 4= nav1 8= nav2 16= adf 32= dme 64= xpdr Button 2 (bottom left) 128= com1 256= com2 512= nav1 1024= nav2 2048= adf 4096= dme 8192= xpdr
  5. It works fine for the Saitek Radio, Saitek Multi and Saitek Switch panel. I create 3 different versions of HIDDemo, one for each panel that write at different offset as you mention. Thanks for the fast and very informative support..
  6. Thanks Pete for the fast return and the clarification of the multiplier. Now it makes perfect sense. As for reading 32 bit at the time, I'm fine with that approach. I was not suggesting to make more read operation with smaller quantity of byte each. As for the quantity of information returned, if my Saitek multi panel for instance fit in 2 x 32 bits, I will have to modify the GehidButtons line of code as follow risk of causing errors because I just have two destination variables button[1] and [2] instead of 8 in the initial code? buttons[1], buttons[2] = com.GetHidButtons(dev, Curre
  7. Hi, I’m trying to build a lua routine to scan my 3 Saitek panels (Multi, Switch, Radio) and I use as a template the example HIDDemo.lua. While reviewing the code, there is a point needing clarification. I was able to access the panels and took note of each button value. The next step for me was to assign different virtual joystick to each of the 3 panels and that is where I have some problems. On the writing button loop of HIDDemo, I don’t understand why in the ipc.write line the increment is 8. I was expecting that writing a double world 4 bytes x 8 bit = 32 buttons will requires
  8. Hi, I use FSUICP with a CH product yoke and I try to assing a button to the zoom in and zoom out functions. I went to the Button & Switches screen of the FSUIPC and pushed the switch I wanted for zoom in. It worked fine and I defined it as a key to be sent when the button is pressed. this is the key 0 that i use on my keyboard for zoom out. The same for zoom in where I wanted to use the + key (FSUIPC identify it as the =+ key which seems fine. The problem is when using those button in fsx. It work on entry then regularly stop to work. Often it seems related to zooming out to 0.3 then it
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