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  1. Hi, I need the decimal adress of variable in FS2002 for all engines together. I build me a throttle with reverse thrust and connect it with one of the joystick-ports of my mcp747 from Aerosoft Australia. I connect the Potentiometers of the Throttle and Speedbrake to the pins 1+3 and 6+8. And then i calibrate it with the Software. It does functions very good. Now i want to make the reverse Thrust with one momentary button for both Engines. If i insert this: (2188,2,65535,0,65535,1,38550, Thrust reverser) in the (FS2002data.txt) then does it functions but only for Engine 1. Or can i insert a line data in the FS2002data.txt where both Engines are listed (variable= 2188 and 2140) Does exist a decimal address of variable in FS2002 for both Engines together?? Regards Sener
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