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  1. Thanks Paul, I'll do some tests, the principle does not only want to read the time to write a new FS. best regards
  2. I'm trying to use NewWeather.h converted to C # but I'm not succeeding. Would you like more details on how utiizar in dotnet. best regards public struct NewWeather { public short uCommand; // C000 C400 C800 CC00 public short uFlags; // C002 C402 C802 CC02 // Not used until FSX - see below public int ulSignature; // C004 C404 C804 CC04 char chICAO; // C008 C408 C808 CC08 public short uDynamics; // C00C C40C C80C CC0C // 0=none, 4=extreme public short uSeconds; // C00E C40E C80E CC0E // FSX only -- see below double dLatitude; // C010 C410 C810 CC10 // LLA zero for GLOB or unknown ICAO double dLongitude; // C018 C418 C818 CC18 int nElevation; // C020 C420 C820 CC20 // metres * 65536 public int ulTimeStamp; // C024 C424 C824 CC24 // mSecs since start of session NewPress Press; // C028 C428 C828 CC28 NewVis Vis; // C02C C42C C82C CC2C // Base Vis -- for upper Vis layers see int nTempCtr; // C034 C434 C834 CC34 // Number of temperature layers NewTemp Temp; // C038 C438 C838 CC38 int nWindsCtr; // C0F8 C4F8 C8F8 CCF8 // Number of wind layers NewWind Wind; // C0FC C4FC C8FC CCFC int nCloudsCtr; // C27C C67C CA7C CE7C // Number of Cloud layers (max 16 in FSX, was 24 NewCloud Cloud; // C280 C680 CA80 CE80 char chUTCstamp; // C380 C780 CB80 CF80 // UTC time stamp on METAR (internal use) public short fWriteback; // C386 C786 CB86 CF86 // Flags for writing back to FSX (internal use only) public long ulSettingTimeStamp; // C388 c788 CB88 CF88 // Timestamp METAR sent (internal use) int nUpperVisCtr; // C38C C78C CB8C CF8C // Number of upper Vis layer (new in FSX) NewVis UpperVis; // C390 C790 CB90 CF90 public short uSpare; // C3F0 C7F0 CBF0 CFF0 } private Offset<byte[]> NWICommand = new Offset<byte[]>(0xC800, true); NewWeather weather = new NewWeather(); weather.uCommand = 3; NWICommand.Value = weather; // pressure.Value = 1024; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); Error!!! help me!
  3. hi I need help. I'm try this: public Offset<byte[]> messageWrite = new Offset<byte[]>(0x3380,128); public Offset<int> messageDuration = new Offset<int>(0x32FA); string Message = "my message test"; byte[] datablock = new byte[Message.Length + 1]; Encoding asciiEncoder = UTF7Encoding.ASCII; asciiEncoder.GetBytes(Message).CopyTo(datablock, 0); FSUIPCConnection.Open(); this.messageWrite.Value = datablock; this.messageDuration.Value = 2; FSUIPCConnection.Process(); FSUIPCConnection.Close(); And this does not work. Presents an error write protected memory. what's wrong?
  4. Hi Petter Would be able to implement offsets for Event Id below? KEY_TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT Toggles primary door open/close. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2, etc for subsequent doors. KEY_TOGGLE_JETWAY TOGGLE_JETWAY Requests a jetway, which will only be answered if the aircraft is at a parking spot. thank you
  5. Good morning Peter I wonder what the offset corresponding PTT Transmit On (SB3, RW, AVC) and PTTTransmit Off (SB3, RW, AVC)? Where could I get a complete list of offsets that are not included in the official documentation? thank you
  6. Thank you very much Peter, I go testing Regards André Gonçalves
  7. Peter thanks for responding. About squawkbox, I'll try to explain better to decode in the future to implement offsets. On VATSIM, I'm intending to develop software for a connection where I can make some kind of integration with the FMC is to ProSim 737 or Project Magenta. The idea is to receive private messages as it receives a message and ACARS flight plan is sent when the configuration of the FMC (with routes, altitude, etc.). What would you like to know if you know or know where to have a documentation specifies methods of development for VATSIM. Thank you! Best regards
  8. Good afternoon Peter I am a user of FSUIPC some time and have used it a lot since I started building my 737NG cockpit. I have implemented many things via FSUIPC and SIOC and now I'm doing a module for pushback and other things and felt the need of having some features not found offsets for this. I was looking at the site of SimmConnect and found some interesting things and would like to see the possibility of being implemented in an upcoming release. PUSHBACK ANGLE Pushback angle (the heading of the tug), PUSHBACK CONTACTX The towpoint position, relative to the aircrafts datum reference point. PUSHBACK CONTACTY Pushback contact position in vertical direction PUSHBACK CONTACTZ Pushback contact position in fore/aft direction reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526981.aspx I am also squawkbox user and for me it was a great advance when you entered some of the same offsets. I would like to do with you if there was the possibility of implementing the offsets: 0x7b9d, 0x7b9a, 0x7b96, 0x7b93. reference: http://squawkbox.ca/doc/sdk/fsuipc.php Another application is where I get the documentation of all offsets release 4.70? I've got a project you can follow in http://agsimulators.com.br where ever put the pictures of my cockpit. Also intend to develop a software to connect to the VATSIM only one I'm not finding documentation to make a point of departure. Do you have idea where I get this documentation? Hope I'm not bothering you now and thank you. Congratulations for the beautiful work.
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