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  1. Your welcome osibisa, its good to see that you got it sorted out :D Take care Kat :D
  2. I had that trouble with that plane too, it said it couldnt find it, but the editor still compiled my database, so if your not going to use it i suppose it wont show up anyway if it cannot be found. I havent seen any of them anyway. Take care Kat :D
  3. I got the password and i now have used it and it is good, i cant wait for the full version to come out. Take care Kat :D
  4. i tried to download the intermediate release of the editor 1.3 but i need a password. Where do i get that from? and when will the full version of the editor 1.3 be avaliable? But yeah that would be cool to make that much traffic, but may take some time in processing it all. Take care Kat :D
  5. Hi everyone, i think i have got MyTraffic as far as it will go, i have tweaked airports and added gates and parking and increased flights per gate and per runway and i think i now have it as far as you can get with fs2002. If anyone has more then please post it. Hopefully FS2004 will mean that we can get even more flights and planes etc, and maybe by SP7 or MyTraffic V2.0 we can really be filling the skies. With this amount of traffic KLAX has a take off and landing nearly every minute and EGLL is about the same, but you do have to wait a while to get ATC to answer you :D Take care Kat :D
  6. Thank you for your compliments :oops: But yeah ill try and help someone else with flight sim if i can :D Take care Kat :D
  7. Here is my SP3base install location (the one without bigtwins as i dont have that) You can use Burkhards location for downloading SP3 or you can try mine if Burkhards doesnt work for you. http://www.usukgov.com/mytraffic/MTSP3base.exe I will download the bigtwin SP3 pack and put that on there too if needed. Take care Kat :D
  8. Here is my download location for SP3Base install (without big twins) http://www.usukgov.com/mytraffic/MTSP3base.exe So you can download it from there if you need too Hope that helps you. Take care Kat :D
  9. PS i live in the UK as well so i could just burn it on disk and post it to you, if you email me your address i can send it off tonight, that way you dont need to wait if your on a 56k modem, as i know some ISP's here in the UK dont like it if you start downloading huge (20megs+) files if your on 56k as it takes up bandwidth for others :( thats why i moved to ADSL so they wouldnt complain. Take care Kat :D
  10. I will upload it to my webspace tonight when im back home, and ill post the location on here. My server is in California but i have had no probs with downloads at all from it. Take care Kat :D
  11. I have seen planes in the airport terminals at terminal 4 at heathrow and some other airports too. I think it is because of the new AFCAD files that are included in SP3, maybe a SP3a will be issued to fix it or something or maybe just another AFCAD for EGLL? Take care Kat :D
  12. Hi Burkhard, Yes i did read the manual's, lol i read and read and read them just to make sure that i knew what they were on about, then i spent 2 days just doing different stuff with the editor just to see what would happen (after backing up the files of course) and some of what i did made MT worse, so i deleated what i had done and tried again. So it took about 2 days of using it to understand it and how to do things on it that would work and make MT better. It isnt a program that you can just jump in and use, i know and you can make your version of MT worse by deleteing some planes and flights if you dont know what your doing (thats why you need to back it all up first) but over all i think it is a good program, the manual is well written and if you cant find your answer in that then there is this forum to get help on. The idea of the editor is to make your copy of MyTraffic to your own personal taste, i dont know many programmers that give you an editor to change round their program (wouldnt it be good if MS gave us this for Windows) I know also that Ultimate Traffic comes with the editor build in, but as i already said they have had loads of problems with their program. The argument about freeware/payware i think will allways be here, some people will allways do thier stuff for free and i admire them for that, and if they have a donate button on thier site to pay them through paypal or whatever then i do that if i like what they have done. In the end if freeware developers dont get paid they loose the interest and close thier project down which leaves the users lost. Look at http://mostrealisticai.projectai.com/ they gave away their project for free and they did a really good job of collecting and making flight plans etc but now they have closed because they have lost thier enthusiasm to carry on. Thats why i would pay someone for programs like MyTraffic, at least with payware the people who make the program are not usually going to just close down and dissapear and leave you stranded. I suppose MyTraffic isnt going to be for everyone, but then neither is Ultimate Traffic or any of the other AI traffic programs, you have to find one thats best for you, which in my case is MyTraffic, i wont put what bad experince i had with Ultimate Traffic, as i brought that also just so i could compare that with MT, so i could tell the people in my VA which to buy and which to spend their money on, but all i will say is that UT messed up FS2002 so bad that i had to uninstall it and re install FS2002 again. I also think that the paint schemes on the planes are ok, i know that they may look a bit odd if you really zoom in on them but they are for AI not for flying, you dont really need really good accurate paint schemes on a plane your only seeing while your at the gates or parking. As i already put i have tried using MT with other planes i downloaded (i tried some british airways and virgin repaints that used projectopensky 747's) and my framerates dropped so bad that it froze in the end. So yeah they might be ok if you only have a couple of planes at an airport but i want the airport to be packed out like in real life :D so like at KORD or KDFW when there is 50 something planes on the ground i would rather see just a basic version of what that plane is supposed to be (because im only coming in and landing there, unloading passengers and taking off again) than have 50 something projectopensky planes and not be able to land because FS2002 has frozen because of the low frame rates (and dont say well you need a new graphics card, i have a 128mb one as it is) Im currently working on doing some repaints and flight schedules that when they are done ill let Burkhard have and he can check them and if he wants to use them in MT then he can, im also trying to do some airport files too but i have been having some problems there but hopefully they will be done soon. I like MT and i want to try and contribute something if i can to it. But in the end you cant please everyone WOW i talk too much lol i think ill go and have my dinner now :D Anyways take care and stay safe. Kat :D [/url]
  13. I have to say on behalf of myself as im not part of MyTraffic i only use it, that i am really pleased with MT and the MT editor. The MT base product was worth paying for because it gave me a good base that i could work from. As fs2002 came with hardly any AI and having spent ages trying out other methods of adding traffic (using project AI planes and using TTools etc) i couldnt get any where what i needed. Ok so some of the planes paint schemes may be a bit under what you may expect and yes you can download nicer, more polished freeware planes off the internet but when i fly to KORD with every gate full and im 5th to land behind other planes and theres about 7 planes at each runway waiting to take off, i think if i had it full of these nice polished freeware planes my framerate would go to 0. I have tried using other planes with MT but in the end it just freezes because the frame rate is too low. If you can repaint planes better than the ones in MT then im sure Burkhard would accept them and put them into a service pack :D I have also used the Editor extensively and yes it is a bit hard to get to grips with in the begining but after a couple of days i got it and have been using it regularly to add flights, aircraft, airports etc. I know it is a bit hard for people with not much experince with programs like that (i have had to help my friends in my VA with how to use it) and yes Ultimate Traffic comes with the editor allready so you dont have to buy it, but then again even Ultimate Traffic has had a ton of problems with their program. All im trying to say is that with any product of MyTraffic's size and comlexity you are going to get some errors, thats what the service packs are for. Look at WindowsXP, i brought that the day it came out and it had over 500 bugs in it yet we all still buy it. If MyTraffic is being compiled only by a handfull of people then there are bound to be some clitches, i accept that, i cannot make programs so i thank people like Burkhard for making them. Some people give away their programs on the internet, thats true, and you can get some really good freeware im not disputing that, but i would rather pay someone for their product and know that they are going to use the money to develop a better product in the future, hence the service packs etc with MyTraffic. Hopefully MyTraffic will still be here when Flight Simulator 2014 comes out :D But all that is just my personal opinion, I cant speak for MyTraffic persons as im not one, so dont take any of what i have posted as speaking for Burkhard or Husain or any MyTraffic programmer. Anyways i think i posted enough there so ill shut up now :D Take care Kat :D :D :D :D :D :D SMILE :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if this amount of traffic on MyTraffic was good or bad? I havent added the 250 myroute.dat file, if i do would i be able to get more traffic? this is with the normal mytraffic file. when SP3 comes out will it add to this traffic or will it make it smaller? i just wondered as all airports that are supported by MT are about 80% capacity at this level, and i just wondered if i add SP3 will it take some flights away and make it less? Should i add the 250 Myroutes.dat file and will i be able to make more traffic with that added? This is also without the flights that i have added (about 500) Thanks Take care Kat :D
  15. Thanks for the reply Burkhard, I wanted the flights that i had added so i could give them to the people that are in my virtual airline so they can have the virtual airline traffic as well as MT traffic, is this ok or do i need permission to do this? Please let me know as i dont want to give something away that i shouldnt. MySchedules contains only registrations that i have made up and aircraft that i have painted, it doesnt contain any MT aircraft or registrations. I also want to put a link to MyTraffic on my VA's website, is that ok? as i think MT is the best AI program (having tested others too) Take care Kat :D
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