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  1. Ta John- most appreciated. C
  2. Pete/John- I keep seeing a blank box for my Wide Key.... is it a separate registration/purchase? I've always purchased both for each version, and perhaps need to once more (if there is still a need with MSFS? Ta- C
  3. John- You've got a bit of your Dad's genius in you mate! That was the ticket. With the "G" mapped in MSFS, and the Gear Up command REMOVED (I thought it was) and the "G" keystroke assigned to that lever with "Keypress not to be held" I'm fairly confident that I've got this licked. Give me a few hours and I will confirm. Ta! C
  4. Pete- I use a PFC Controls Cirrus Console II which I have completely re-wired with Leo Bodnar boards- there is NO HONEYCOMB involved. Toggle Results in the same behavior- as the Gear Up position is what keeps sending. I therefore resorted to a "G" keystroke, and SELECTED Not to be held, however, that too does not resolve the issue. Do you have any thoughts on how I can use my HW, and still get one degree movement with mouse wheel clicks (without leaving the Gear Handle down as I do now)? Ta- C
  5. John- The topic was closed without resolution so I started another one- No, I use a PFC Cirrus Console II rewired with 2 Leo Bodnar boards. The Honeycomb video was merely for illustration. My issue is that my Landing Gear Lever, when up, floods MSFS with the pressed switch command constantly. That creates the 10 degree heading control problem. This despite the fact that I stopped using the right side (Gear Up/Gear Down) and went to a keystroke "G" (toggle gear) with the tick box checked specifically to obviate this issue. In the older versions of FSUPIC it was possible
  6. Putting this in here so as to assist others who might have the same issue- Thanks
  7. Pete or John- BUMP This is seriously effecting the usability of VOR navigation. Ta!
  8. Pete or John- HAPPY 2021! Lately (perhaps coinciding with the latest Sim update) I have been unable to tune my instruments (especially HSI/VOR CRS knob) in one degree increments. It seems to default to 10. It's driving me absolutely batty! I've checked my mouse settings and they are all set to 1 click not 3. Is there a solution I'm overlooking? To add to the head scratching- on the ground I can tune 1 degree at a time.. but not airborne. Baffled. I remember some sort of setting for something similar in FSUIPC for FSX or before... is there capacity for fixing this, or is
  9. Get the latest LINDA, then set up a new module (copy), change that by adding VS and Sync to sim. VS and all you mention work perfectly. I have a post with more specifics in the LINDA forum. C
  10. To follow up... all my buttons stuck in the default controls menus except for Custom Cockpit Camera 9... Alt+9, so I assigned a second command for that camera to the Tilde key, and just mapped that in FSUIPC to the button I wanted. Presto- alles gut. Looking forward to FSUIPC’s growth, as it will represent the evolution in the SDK that all the serious aircraft developers are waiting on.... Bring on the payware version... I’m ready 🙂 C
  11. Ta John... strange as each of third default camera commands are Alt+#... it would have been SO easy... ah well. For some reason Alt+9 doesn’t stick for me in the default Control menu....
  12. I know this is a WIP... however, I remember Pete discussing the possible ability to use button presses to control the camera (Alt+1, Alt+9 etc.) as a workaround. I too would love this ability as the Control Mapping for this is still broken in MSFS. Is this close to being implemented... atm all I get when I try and map Alt+9 is (null). Ta- C
  13. There are times (when flying using PSX with MSFS only as a camera platform) that I need to disable ALL my in game controls. Then, when I am flying MSFS, I need them back (at least for the X-Box controller I use for camera manipulation). Is there a quick and easy way to do this reliably? Ta- C
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