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  1. John- I’m very glad to read this. Whilst MSFS2020 looks like it will move the goal posts, your Dad’s (?) program has allowed an entire microcosm of development, not the least of which is LINDA. For HW aficionados, FSUIPC is the sauce in the recipe! I look forward to whatever you come up with, as soon as you are able to. Should I be able to assist you with testing, do reach out. Best- Carl
  2. Pete- Any likelihood of a train-spotting vacation when the new Flight Simulator Public Beta starts? Wouldn’t want to go off into the brave new world without you... Ta- C
  3. Hey Pete- any word from Simmarket? I just looked and it's still not available for purchase..... Ta- Carl
  4. Pete- just one more user, grateful for your work, and ready for v5. With all my PFC stuff, converted to USB with LEO Bodnar cards, I'm basically grounded without your incredible software (I have multiple .ini files for each throttle configuration). Fingers x'ed for a smooth development process and transition. Best- Carl
  5. Ta Pete! Sorry, just wanted to emphasize what I needed. Mission accomplished with FSUIPC as per usual :) Best- C
  6. After banging my head on the Simconnect wall due to an interaction with the new version from EZCA I had to delete EZCA and go back to Mouse Look which is fine, as I am using P3d for visuals only atm. ALL I REALLY NEED IS TO DEFINE A FORWARD, RIGHT AND LEFT VIEW AND HOPEFULLY MAP THAT TO A JOYSTICK BUTTON. Is that possible???? To get the mouse look I had to enable controls.... What now? I used to not tick enable controls and map everything in FSUIPC.... Does that now go back to default axis' or does the FSUIPC still override normal controls? I need my settings when I fly aircraft in P3d as I have multiple throttle quadrants and need the mapping. I am learning to use standard camera views and mouse look and it is a steep curve...... Thanks in advance for any assistance provided Carl
  7. FWIW I'm using .4939 with P3D v2.5- but I have NOT installed the LM Hotfix. Your mileage may vary..... Carl
  8. I have ordered 2 Leo Bodnar cards and am in the process of converting my serial PFC Cirrus Console II and Rudder Pedals to full USB versions. Once that happens, I THINK I will not need Pete's PFCHID module, as it will then be a compliant USB device...... is that correct? I would very much appreciate responses from those who are ACTUALLY USING Leo Bodnar cards.... I am going to install the BU8036X for the Flight Console (including yoke and TQ) and the BU8036A for the rudder pedals separately. Also, and connecting/programming advice- AGAIN- from those actually using Leo Bodnar cards. Thanks! Carl
  9. Chris- I fly PFC as well. My stuff is all older (Serial) however, my fsuipc.ini files ought to work for you just fine- you just won't need the pfcfsx.ini stuff. Drop me a PM with your email and I will send them over. FYI, being mostly a dolt, I use separate .ini files for each quadrant I have (5) so that axis and buttons all work correctly regardless of which quadrant I am using at the time. I know this is all possible within a single fsuipc.ini file- but it evades me..... Carl
  10. Pete- I was just hoping to find a way to do a rudder check while in taxi. Currently I can see it move when stopped and using the tiller. Rudder pedal operation at stop has no effect on rudder position. I wanted to be able to hold the taxi line with the tiller, while doing full deflection rudder checks. I guess this runs up against a limitation of FSX? My original thought was to be able to do rudder checks (and see the corresponding rudder position on the DU.... but if I am reading you correctly- that is not possible at this time. Still, being able to taxi with the left hand, line up and then transition to rudder fine steering during the T/O roll is wonderful.... Sorry about any confusion! Best- C
  11. "Then you will have steering on both rudder and tiller so won't be able to check the rudder whilst taxiing without veering from side to side." Pete- is this a "virtual" check? I cannot see rudder movement visually or on the System's Page. Yes, it is an add-on aircraft (NGX). That little niggle aside it is a fantastic feature of FSUIPC and has really added to the immersion factor (to be able to drop the left hand to the tiller and then track the centerline; or to be able to line up and begin the TO roll with the steering on the left hand, moving to the yoke as we collect speed). Is there any possibility of adding the rudder ability on the ground, whilst retaining the transition from tiller coarse to rudder fine steering? Keep in mind I usually fly a Ryanair 738, so currently the system page option is not needed. Once the 777 arrives, it will be :). Best- C
  12. "Haven't you looked yourself for anything suspicious?" Yes, I did; and found that the "Throttle2 cut" command was being sent (from the #2 reverser axis). Increasing the null zone on top disables this issue and allest gut once more :). Ta Pete- as usual, your familiarity with the ins and outs of FSUIPC sent me down the correct path. Sorry for the delay in answering, however life got in the way for a bit :). On another note- I now have a tiller working as well. I unchecked the (filter) boxes in PFCFSX.dll for rudder, calibrated in FSUIPC and all works ok. Is there anything else that I can do to DESELECT PFCFSX callibration and avoid any potential conflice w/ FSUIPC? It seems to work ok, but with the Spoiler, Reversers and Flap axis I used the user profile and so do not even have those axis in PFC- thereby totally avoiding any conflict. I remember reading about the issue of the rudder not moving during ground control checks... is there a solution to this? It works fine after the changeover from tiller to rudder during the TO roll. It would be nice however to get rudder movement for pre-flight visually and especially on the systems page of the lower display... any thoughts? C
  13. Did the logs go through Pete?.......... don't see them attached......
  14. Pete- Just did a flight and at the LAST BIT had the issue- Logs attached. Had to single engine taxi to stand....LOL good practice! C
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