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  1. Hi, when you have the Downloadversion from Aerosoft, you an download the Update from there. I've doo so. Regards Axel
  2. Hi everyone, since yesterday I've got a problem. When FSC9 does downloading the online data from IVAO I've get always the message "Error reading in online file! Download the file again" but data has been downloaded. I've nothing changed, before yesterday all thinks are right. I using the Server http://de1.www.ivao.aero/whazzup.txt in my urlivao.ini. Has anyone the same problem or can help? System: WinXP SP3 FS9 SP1 FSUIPC 3.989 Downloadversion of FSC9 from Aerosoft, Build 1-3-2011 Best regards Axel !!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen right now there is a new update for that problam and it fix it. Many thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  3. Hi Sascha, Rog are right and I say it again and again if you want, it only happend with the FSC!!!! I have running any apps on my system like Firefox, Excel, TOPCAT, VRoute and so on when I use FS9 but no App make such a problem when I move the mouse over it!!. Also I've take a look to my mouse settings and there were nothing to changes what would be change this behavior. Regards Axel
  4. Hi Volker, have tried many thinks like switching the monitors, the windows at the monitors and so on but every time the same and like I wrote above it only happens with FSC any other apps don't making this problem. @Rog Hi, thanks for you answer and help. I have XP with SP3 too and I've tried TweakUI. What can I say, it works, the Problem is history! Thank you so much for your help. Now I can use FSC without frustration. Kind regards Axel
  5. Hi Volker, you loose this bet, "Always on top" is not activated and I have a NVidia Card. Maybe the problem will be produced from the Card driver. I will try some changes and will let you know when I could solve this problem. For the first time thanks for your help, regards Axel
  6. Hello Volker, thanks for the quick answer but I think it is a FSCommander problem yet, it happens only with FSC not with ServInfo or any other application I do have running at the second monitor. I can take the mouse when ever I want and cross other apps and nothing happens, FS9 window is still active. !?! For your information: I use FSC9 from Aerosoft WinXP FSUIPC newest and latest Version FS2004 Regards Axel
  7. Hi, I have a problem. I use 2 Monitors, FS9 is running on the left and FSC running on the right one. Also at the right one I have the FMC window and the IVAO scratchpad. So always when I take the mouse to the right monitor to prepair the FMC by crossing the FSC window the FSC gets activ and the FMC is vanished to the background. The FS9 sound is also vanished. This happens too without taken the mouse over the FSC window each view minutes. In final approach it is a problem when ever vanishing the sound of FS9. You loose the feeling for the aircraft and always have to activ the FS9 window by clicking with the mouse. So I don't like to use FSC anymore and get back to ServInfo for watching out for ATC. By the way, it appens too without connecting to FS9 but only when crossing the FSC window with the mouse. Can anybody help? Regards Axel
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