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  1. Thanks for your fast reply, Pete. I have removed the ini file and restarted P3D. now I can configure the yoke in FSUIPC too. Best regards, Ed
  2. Hi Pete, Can you tell me if the Agronn B737 Yoke V2.1 is compatible with your SUIPC 5.124, I use? It is not recogniezed in FSUIPC. So I am not able to assign a button to my radiosystem. Thanks and regards, Ed
  3. Sure Pete. Remove all flightcontrol assignments from FSUIPC and the FlightSim (FSX, P3D and others). About Prosim, I noticed a conflict between the aillerons and the steeringtiller. Both X axis. Thats why I assigned the aillerons last. I first assigned the steeringtiller and followed all others in row from the Prosim737 configuration/levers. Analog does not need to setup, this is done automatically when setup the levers. And as said last, the aillerons. I might be wrong, but I did it that way, to avoid conflicts. Good luck, Ed
  4. Hi Pete, With trail and error, I managed to setup my flightcontrols within Prosim. Thanks and regards, Ed
  5. Hi Pete you made my laughing. What you are saying can be right. But I have always used FSUIPC for all of my Prosim flightcontrols, nothing else. I was so happy it did what it also does in real. Some days ago I fall back to version 1.55 and seamless. Since the new 2 version, it does as you say. I am sure I am not getting crazy. Thanks Pete!
  6. Hi Pete, Ed here. Pete I noticed some posts of you on the Prosim forum according the new version2. I have a some questions to you please. In the Prosim forum I have the idea that they are not admitting something is not working proper yet. Pete, I have used you FSUIPC for many years now and still love it. It was the only program that is able to get the steering tiller working as in real, only to use the nosewheel turning. Since the use of version2, all is messed up and even your FSUIPC is no able to do the following, although I have not chaged anything: - When turning my steering wheel, I see in the Prosim version2 that on the flightmodel2, not only the nosewheel is turning, but also the rudder is moved, which is not as it work for real - When I push my Rudderpedals, the rudder is moving not to maximum, but for about 10%, although in the lower Ecuas/flightcontrols of the Rudder are presenting maximum moving. As I said, it has been working for years with FSUIPC nice. And now not anylonger after I upgradde to version 2. They say it could be caused by using Saitek. Rediculous. Pete can you say something about this? Are you also aware that version2 is causing this? Thanks and regards, Ed
  7. Hello to you all, Can anyone of you tell me what is controling the planes to use a certain Runway? I want to avoid, that I start on a runway (according the windheading) that is the opposite of the MT6 traffic. I also like to know how the MT is controled to taxi via the corrrect taxiway. I see on Amsterdam that it randomly taxi on the inner and outer taxiway. In Amsterdam we have taxiway a and b. To go to the left, we have to choose the b (outerring) and a (innerring). I see MT6 traffic sometimes follow a and or b. Thanks for any answers. Best regards, Ed
  8. Hello Pete, I have found it. As you said in your last reply it could be Prosim causing this. And it was. I went back to Prosim 1.48, as a test, a version that had always worked nice for me. As soon as I clicked WXR on my EFIS, weather radar started instantly. I left all settings you mentioned above and which I followed untouched and it does its work. So now I will install the latest beta of Prosim, hoping it will work with that one. I reply if what this latest beta l do in this. Thanks for all. Thanks for your patience and thanks for defending your product, which most of the time aint causing problems, like now! Best regards, Ed
  9. Again thnks Pete It was so easy in the older days. It seems all is going to fast. From (for me) P3D3 to version 4 in a fast period of time. I have sometimes the idea developers are releasing to fast. As also for the numurous of software addon developers which are not able to follow that fast road too. Because of your reply, I think ASN and Prosim are not love each other. As soon as I open ASN, the Radar.bin is created and loaded in a rainy environment. The weather radar is driven by Prosim so no own image for the WXR panel (See attachment). There is no software for this panel needed, just a driver for connecting to Prosim and use their variables. Nothing changed when I remove the radar.bin or reuse it. So I think it is not FSUIPC related. Will investigate it further, however I am a bit disapointed. For now thanks and regards, Ed
  10. Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply. its all Prosim. CPflight is Integrated in de Prosim panels. No difference, no change. This WXR radarpanel is integrated in de pedestalpanel from Prosim. And it all worked in the previous 4 versions from FSUIPC.
  11. Hi Pete, Never had any problems with WXR. Since last week I went to P3Dv4.1. I do not know if this could be the reason of the lack of the WXR radar on My ND. When I use the integrated weather themes from P3D like building storms or major thunderstorms, it works, but when I use ASN, it does not work. I Followed all advises as mentioned above and please have a look at the attached files. I use the WX RDR from CPFlight. Can you advise? Thanks and regards, Ed FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  12. Pete, I dont know. When reply on this, I think I have never assigned any switches from the overhead to FSUIPC. Only saiek Yoke, Rudder and steering wheel are coonected to FSUIPC Regards, Ed
  13. Hello Pete, Thanks for your fast reply! The overheadswitches are controled with Flightdeck Solutions interface and connected with Prosim737. Regards, Ed
  14. Hi Pete, I have tried it with that link. It seems my config was already up to date. No changes. But, I have tried to do assignment to FSUIPC, using my switches on my overhead panel. Can you tell me why they won't been recognized by FSUIPC? Thanks and regards, Ed
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