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  1. Thanks Pete, Yeah... I currently have been using their Cirrus Yoke and separate throttle quadrant console which natively are recognized in P3Dv5 as USB devices, alongside FSUIPC for some years now. My goal was to eventually upgrade to what would be a BATD device (with requisite FAA approval) that could work alongside the P3Dv5/xplane visuals. Their lowest level console looks like it could offer that as well as still remain generic enough to support a varying number of aircraft types.
  2. I was out in Sacramento and had a chance to visit the PFC headquarters in order to exchange a NIC card in person- I looked at the Cirrus II and C2 Pro consoles, but was firmly told that they do not support P3Dv5... however I see there are FSUIPC dll's which actually make this possible. Before I think of shelling out $$... can these desktop consoles be made compatible with P3D?
  3. Sorry if my post was confusing. Please realize that I'm at the basic end of knowing how to program this stuff: my experience is only "push a button, see it pop up in FSUIPC and assign it a number which corresponds to some action." The great thing about FSUIPC is that you can have different "actions" or "event numbers" for different aircraft, since each developer will use different commands to move the heading bug, or engage the autopilot. It appears though with this realsimgear interface that I can only use- or have only had success using, standard P3D event IDs- and not even numbers or HEX- just the named simconnect action. I beta test for the maddog md80- and have tried to replace buttons with HEX/ID numbers, but it doesn't do anything in-sim. So are you saying that by writing a lua script I can take a standard simconnect named function, have it intercepted, and have FSUIPC do something else with it (like a custom code function as used by a third party aircraft?)
  4. I'm using an autopilot panel produced by Realsimgear (GFC500) https://realsimgear.com/products/realsimgear-gfc500-autopilot-for-x-plane-p3d-fsx ... It is recognized by my PC as a USB Serial device (occupying COM 3 port)... Since it's not showing up in my list of joysticks- I can't get it to be recognized by FSUIPC the easy way (press a hardware button and have it recognized by FSUIPC to assign it a function) . Realsimgear uses an exe as its device interface to P3D (in the P3D addon folder). When P3D is running, pushing a hardware button sends a "Prepar3D Event" through their device interface which has to be one of the Event ID's listed in the P3D SDKs (or so it seems)... I've tried to map event IDs from your FSUIPC list - such as 65792 or the HEX form of that- 0x10100 (this is for AUTOPILOT_ON) but it doesn't seem to do anything. " Flight level change" is another hardware button but P3D doesn't have this in it's event list- so I don't know how I'd handle this. Support from RealsimGear shed this clue: "buttons should be mapped to the correct SimConnect id's. We have not tried this, but it may be possible (we are much more familiar with how X-Plane works). The way our P3D Add-on works, it listens for serial commands coming from the hardware, then does a lookup indexed off that command in the CommandMapping.ini file and then fires the SimConnect event identified there. Now, if FSUIPC can listen to custom off-sets, then you could set custom offsets in CommandMapping.ini as well (we do this for integration with Mindstar G1000 for instance). If you give this a go, we would be interested in knowing how it works for you." I have tried LINDA to see if it would "hear" the button pushes from my hardware- but it seems to only go through the device interface right to the sim. Otherwise I think FSUIPC would hear it too. I'm quite a layman with programming- so Lvars, custom offsets are a bit beyond my pay grade here with unsigned bites etc. Attached are pics of the device interface "in action" when I have a button pushed... as well as the commandMapping.ini that they use to translate hardware button pushes into P3D event commands. CommandMapping.ini
  5. Ok so what I had to do to fix this... I opened up the dynamicfricions.lua script and edited the friction values back to default, and saved it as defaultfrictions.lua. Then I assigned this script to the maddog's own profile. It seems that when the dynamicfrictions.lua is loaded, it overwrites the friction settings for that simulator session, even if you load another aircraft that does not call on the script. However, loading another lua that restores the friction, overrides the previous script of course, and restores the default settings.
  6. Yep, looks like I'd need a restore function for if I load up the MD80 after an aircraft that uses the dynamic friction lua script.
  7. Ok thanks for your help... I ended up creating profiles like this for aircraft I want to use dynamic friction with. Funny enough, the maddog MD80 by leonardo doesn't need it- it seems they have their own working. If I use the dynamic friction with this aircraft, it'll start accelerating at idle power and cause brake overheat problems. Here's what the ini looks like. [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction [Auto.PMDG MD11] 1=Lua DynamicFriction [Auto.Milviz King Air] 1=Lua Dynamic Friction ..and so on... for aircraft I want to activate the script for. I haven't tested with the MD80, but my hope is that it "shuts off" when loading that aircraft, since it has no auto/dynamicfriction entry in fsuipc.ini
  8. I'm happy with the way the dynamicfriction lua works- makes taxiing and maintaining a respectable and stable speed more on par with what I experience in the real world. In any case, it's not that compatible with certain aircraft- is there a way to make the dynamicfriction.lua active with certain aircraft, and use FSX default friction for other aircraft?
  9. ok just to be absolutely "computers for dummies"clear... the only entries in fsuipc.ini necessary for dynamic friction to WORK IS.... [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction No spaces? Spaces? (1 = Lua DynamicFriction vs 1=LuaDynamicFriction) Doesn't matter? AND....all WE need to do is add the [Auto] section, is this all correct? There is so much conflicting information out there and I just want to be clear. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Pete... I somehow never remembered seeing that, and assumed just because the entry [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction appeared in the fsuipc.ini after the lua module was extracted into the "modules" folder of FSX (and FSX was run once), that the lua module was in operation. I'll go ahead and add the [AUTO] section to my fsuipc.ini now. It will look like this: [LuaFiles] 1=DynamicFriction [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction
  11. So do we enter [Auto] 1=Lua DynamicFriction into the fsuipc.ini or not, if we'd like to have dynamic friction enabled? As well as putting the dynamicfriction.lua file in the modules folder of FSX
  12. Hi Peter, I'm trying to use the old push-pull throttle knob in my PFC-cirrus yoke as a parking brake knob. Pull it out, brakes are on, push it in, brakes are released. Is there any way to set this up via FSUIPC? Thanks!
  13. I see where you talking about- in the device manager for the specific USB root hub that my CH components are attached to, there is a checkbox that says "Allow the computer to control the power to this unit." I unchecked it- and will give it a go!
  14. I'm having a relatively small problem that just recently has cropped up... Some time during the flight- my joystick controllers stop working- CH YOKE, Throttle, - this disconnection is accompanied by a small "static" sound, and then I realize I'm not getting any more control response. The only thing I can think of at this point is that I've been monkeying around with my DRAM settings in the bios- I just realized that the timings were not stock, and my DRAM voltage was showing 1.65 (they are only rated for 1.6) so I corrected the timings, speed, and voltage manually in the bios. Could this be what's causing the disconnecting of my controllers? In each case, going back into FSUIPC and my axes settings, and having FSUIPC "re-recognize" my controllers by moving them back and fourth corrects the problem each time. Not a big deal problem, however going into FSUIPC settings during my flight causes FSX to crash, since I'm in fullscreen mode (ENBseries limitation). Thanks! Some info about my system: Asus P8P67 Pro i7 2600k overclocked to 4.8 (stable) Windows 7 64bit CH Pro Yoke, Throttle Quadrant Saitek Fighter-Pro Pedals 8Gb GSkill Ripjaws CL7 Rated at 1600Mhz 7-8-7-24, defaults to 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24 timings on the over clock. 1.6v rated.
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