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  1. Please help! I have your last version - so I bought and installed this one and moved Traffic3D_Sounds into the Misc as instructed. In my UTLive soundai folders I have: [fltsim] alias=Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B747\soundai I edited the soundai to read this: alias=X:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\soundai My Prepar3D.cfg has Sound_Quality=2 and Sound_LOD=0 I am not sure what I am missing.
  2. This is very interesting! FSC ATC ID info for AI aircraft is separated for both ground and air traffic. So when TCAS ID string in FSUIPC is set to "Flight", that data is provided from FSX for ground traffic. However, once the aircraft is airborne - that information no longer exists, even though I see in the Traffic Tools. I will research more! I have always wanted to see "Airline Name" on AI in FSC - I wonder does anyone see airline info in airborne aircraft?
  3. Volker thank you! You are a genius! I was comparing your screen shot to mine and I noticed we have different FSUIPC TCAS id string settings. Mine is set to Flight, so I see airline names but once they airborne, I guess FSX doesn't associate that with anything so they disappear. When I change the setting to Type+, I see aircraft by manufacture, Aircraft Type, ORG - DEST, ALT, HDG and KT. I now see planes in the air. I guess it's a relationship with FSX, FSUIPC and UT2 air labels. Thank you for your help - have a great vacation!
  4. Mine use to look like that until a reinstall of FSX. What setting in FSX would affect such a thing? maybe a simconnect setting ? I have checked FSUIPC but I am not sure about traffic tools settings.
  5. I have updated FSUIPC and WideFS - same issue. Once the aircraft goes wheels up, they disappear from FSC.
  6. Sorry Volker! Simulation Platform: FSX Acceleration FSUIPC/Wide FS: 4.939n/6.999b FSC App Version: 9.6 Rev 1 build March 3, 2015 FSC Database Manager: 9.06 FSC supplier: Aerosoft verson (download) OS: Win 7 SP 1 FSUIPC Options and Settings: Limit TCAS rang: 0 nm Set TCAS id string from: Flight
  7. Hi guys any help one can provide maybe helpful. I can see AI on the ground in FSC and FSX and I can see them taxi and takeoff in both. However, when the aircraft is airborne I loose them in FSC but I can still see them in FSX (both visually and when flying advanced 3 party aircraft like PMDG 777 and VRS F-18E via radar). Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. Hi Volker! I friend created this freeware tool called FSX Moving Targets that scans FSX generic object and scenery files only in FSX and then assigned them as targets to destroy with VRS F-18E Superbug. He is having issues with scanning add on scenery. I was hoping I can put the two of you in contact to maybe help in understanding how your DB Scanner works? Send me a PM or email me is that's OK with you :mrgreen: Thanks XMan!
  9. Hi Don - sorry for the delay. Here is my suggestion: Setting up your home network is not in the insturuction, nor should it be. As everones setup is different, Volker would be spend hours trouble shooting. Thus I attach this for you. You want to set up a home group if have not already. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/homegroup-help#homegroup-start-to-finish=windows-7&v1h=win81tab1&v2h=win7tab1 Make sure your homegroup is setup correctly 1.Make sure your mount and share your FSX folder on PC2. 2.Allow access to all FSX apps through your firewall (both PCs)
  10. I am not sure about Win 8, but with Win 7, you have to use the same version in order to setup your networked PCs in order to share a drive/file/folder. I have networked FSC on a client PC to FSX successfully. I run OpusFSX, REX, PFPX, FSC, Plan-G and Pro-ATC on my client PC successfully. I think the key is to make sure Simconnect and FSWide client is working correctly.
  11. Hi Daniel! I have had the same issue - the problem I found was realted to the NATS and PATS formating. PFPX can read FSC but FSC can't read PFPX. My work around is: Build route in PFPX initilally Copy route into FSC and edit as needed (in my case, I add NATracks and PACTracks) Copy results back into PFPX and continue the PFPX process. I like FSC because I can plug in my gate number and FSX read my location. PFPX cannot do that becaise it doesn't read the airport BGL files. I export PFPX into my PMDG folder but FSC to thr FSX flight plan folder.
  12. OK Here is my setup: PC1 Win 7 Ultimate FSX on PC1 OpusFSX PC1 PC2 Win 7 Ultimate FSC 9 on PC2 PFPX on PC2 TOPCAT on PC2 I plan with PFPX and export to PMDG 777 folder, on PC1 and FSC 9 on PC2. I then edit boarding gate info in FSC 9 and export to FSX without any problems. The issue you guys are experiencing are related to your home network. For FSC 9 to interract with FSX, both PC1 and PC2 have to be on the same home network and the approprate drives shared and mounted in addition to adding the applications in your firewall exception if necessary. Let me know if you n
  13. Eddie open your main scenery.cfg (in windows 7 it's in c:/programdata/microsoft/fsx) and make sure the file location is the same as all of your other scenery. FSX sometimes adds the entire file location name instead of the abbreviating it i.e. c:/programes files/Microsoft Games/fsx/addons/KATL... instead of just /addons/KATL.
  14. Manok101 - here is how you get real world routes: http://flightaware.com/ Under "FORGOT the FLIGHT NUMBER?" type in ICAO of both departure and arrival airports (this site only does US departures, there may be another for Europe). Using the route you want, KSFO to LFPG: Flight Finder Results » San Francisco Intl (KSFO) - Charles de Gaulle/Roissy (LFPG) Ident Aircraft Status Departed ► Arrival Connection Operator AFR85 B772 Scheduled (in 6 hours 25 minutes) Sun 06:35PM SFO ► CDG 02:00PM Mon Air France Clicking on any of the results, you get the next page. Air France 85 AFR85 · "Airfrance
  15. Well never mind Volker :razz: looks like agutz's suggestion will work.
  16. Volker - I was wondering if you can allow users to save flight plan files is different locations? I have Ernie Alston's ISG FMS which reads both .pln and.rte files but the have to be saved into FSX\ISG\FlightPlans folder. Thanks and hope all is well with you
  17. Volker if there is a way to fix, please share! FlyTampa's VHHX is the same way.
  18. For me FSC is best run on a seperate PC. I have a networked PC for both FSC and REX 2
  19. Wow! :rolleyes: The funny thing is I find myself using the default KDCAKATL - but DC to Atlanta tends to make more sense at a glance. Thank you for considering the idea.
  20. Volker - In the Flight Plan List, can you please add a date created/modified column so we can sort by that as well? Thank you for your continued support of this product.
  21. Volker - I have installed a carrier in FSX and made sure it works. I have created a .pln in FSX to test if I can take off from one and land in another as well and it works. The issue here is I cannot create a .pln using FSC. For some reason, FSC isn't reading the .bgl correctly. FSC sees that parking spots, tower freq, and ILS but not the runway. I was wondering if there is a minimum runway lenght FSC uses. Can I contact you directly please?
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