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  1. Thanks for you help guys. I don't have the technical expertise to use Scruffyduck's Airport Design Editor (ADE). I have tried before and failed miserably. @ st1322 if you get an opportunity I would appreciate you having a look at this. Regards. James
  2. Cheers guys, So can I change this, and if so, would you kindly tell me how? Regards.
  3. Hey, Don't know how much work is involved, but how about the new livery for Thomson Airways. You included updated livery on the B787 and it looks great. How about the rest of the fleet? Is this doable? regards.
  4. Good evening folks. Any solution please? Purchased this scenery from Simmarket last week now that it works with MyTraffic 6. I note that the A380's park at the cargo area. For some reason I am unable to post on the Taxi2gate forum, but I read that the update is now included in the installer available at Simmarket. But, clearly this is not the case. The forum folk are rubbish at communicating and have not got back to me. So, I wonder if anyone knows how I get the A380's to park at the gate and terminal? Any help would be much appreciated. Regards.
  5. Good afternoon folks. Any solution? I purchased this scenery from Simmarket last week. I observe that the A380's park at the cargo area and not at the gates or near the terminal. I contacted support for Taxi2Gate, but they have not given any reply. What awful service compared to the service you get from Burkhard on this forum. I saw a post on their forum that the installer at Simmarket has the update to correct. However, given my recent download this is not the case. Has anyone else experienced this problem at OTHH, and, if so, would you kindly advise how you solved it? Regards. James
  6. Good evening Burkhard, Just purchased Taxi2thegate OTHH and installed. The scenery was conflicted. Buildings out of alignment, aircraft parked inside buildings and so on. When I removed all the OTHH files from the MyTraffic 6 scenery folder, the scenery works perfectly. Would you kindly confirm that it is ok to permanently delete these files. Regards. James
  7. Good afternoon Burkhard, With the exception of the above named airports all other airports I have looked at are all fine and even enhanced since the installation of MyTraffic 6. The problem is: 1. Aerosoft Mallorca. This was a new product installed just prior to MyTraffic 6. There was lots of ai traffic at the gates. Now there is virtually none. 2. There is virtually no international airlines at any of the other airports mentioned. It was all there before. Regards. James
  8. Sorry in addition to above, Aerosoft's Mallorca - This is the worst one with virtually no traffic. Regards.
  9. Good evening Burkhard and fellow flight simmers, Can you help please. I am enjoying MyTraffic 6, but I have problems with traffic population at the following airports which I never had before MyTraffic 6 was installed. The airports are: UK2000 Scenery - Edinburgh Flightbeam - Denver Flightbeam - Washington Dulles FSdreamTeam - Houston FSdreamTeam - Chicago O'Hare MyTraffic 6 is located where it should be in the scenery library. I removed the BR2 files from MyTraffic scenery, but this made no difference. So, presumably I need to do something else to restore the traffic at these airports to its former glory. Thanks.
  10. Good afternoon Burkhard, I wonder if you have a chance to reply to my ongoing query (detailed on page 3). So frustrated. yet, should be so simple to install? Perhaps another user would be kind enough to take me through the "idiots guide" to installing My Traffic 6 in FSX. Regards. James
  11. Good evening Burkhard, Following on from last evenings installation problem, I still have no traffic and don't know what to do. I have tried everything suggested. I note that the location of the file folder is showing C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X. If I've got it right, My Traffic shouldn't be inside any simulator? Is that the problem? Should the file folder go to D:\My Traffic Professional\My Traffic, and, if so, how do I move it there? Sorry, but I am not technically minded and need a so called "idiots guide" to installation. So looking forward to MY Traffic 6. Yet, so frustrating that I can't get it installed. Your help would be appreciated. Regards. James
  12. HI Burkhard, Just a thought, not sure if this is where I went wrong. When installing I get to the select installation folder. In the box it shows Folder: C:/MyTraffic Professional\ Do I select Browse or click next? If I need to select browse, what do I do? Thanks James
  13. Hi Burkhard, I have no clue about any of what you have asked. Usually when I right click, I can run programme as the administrator, but not given this option with this programme. I have everything on my local disk (C:). I run Windows 7, 64 bit. I don't know if this is what you are looking for? Where is the best place to install MyTraffic 6? I didn't have any issues installing any of the previous versions. What's next? Regards. James
  14. Hi Burkhard, I can see your really busy. I have no clue where I Installed MyTraffic. I just used the path that was in the dialogue box and clicked next. I don't know how to delete the file folders.txt, so I can localze everything again. So, I deleted the programme. Before I reinstall I wonder where I should install My Traffic. I'm sorry but I don't know about these things. Thanks. James
  15. Hey Burkhard, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. In the communicator after localisation the text shows C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\. Something tells me it shouldn't be there though. Thanks. James
  16. Hey Burkhard, I have installed MyTraffic 6, but I have no traffic at all. I must have done something wrong. I wonder if it's to do with this part of the installation. [The next dialog lets you chose where to install MyTraffic. Since it is an addon to several flight simulators, it should no longer reside inside the structure of any flight sim, but be on a place for its own. You must have full control over the space where you install MyTraffic, and you must take a folder where you can browse with windows explorer, so part of your user profile is not usable. The next window you should just press install.]. Where should I put this and what should I do to correct, not good at the technical stuff? Regards. James
  17. Hey Burkhard, This is great news. Just about to purchase. But, quick question please, not good at the technical stuff, when you say remove MyTraffic 5 from FSX.cfg and as scenery before you can add MyTraffic 6, does this mean remove MyTraffic5b & c completely? Regards. James
  18. Good evening all, I too wonder what to do with the above zip file? Where do the files go? So far I have not purchased the new Taxi to the Gate OTHH scenery because I read about the AI/afcad problems here and on the review page on the Simmarket. I simply do not have the expertise to sort. Your advice and instruction would be appreciated. Regards.
  19. Good evening all, This has been a very helpful topic. I have been using the 2013 schedules but these have not worked and I have had nothing but problems. While I had ai traffic at all airports and they would take off, very few ai traffic arrived at any airport, and when they did, they overshot the runway and wouldn't land. Before I installed MTX 52c I never had this problem. I reverted back to the 2012 schedules last night and I tried 3 airports, egll, egph and egcc and the problem no longer exists and all is working perfectly. Shame about the 2013 schedules though. I hope that the next update works better. But, what a fantastic product overall though. Regards.
  20. Good evening Burkhard, It would be fantastic to have some One World, Star Alliance and Sky Team liveries in the next update, would make it all more realistic and reflect present day airlines. Thanks
  21. Good evening Burkhard. When I read some of the problems in the forum about the 2013 schedules, I did revert back to the 2012 schedules, but I put the 2013 schedules back. I have made sure that I am using the 2013 schedules and I observe that: 1. Air Malta - Airbus aircraft is in the new livery while Boeing aircraft is in the old livery. 2. CSA - All seem to be Boeing aircraft and are in the old livery. I don't know if this helps? Regards. James
  22. Good evening Burkhard, Thanks for getting back to me. 1. 30/8/13 - TDX.zip you gave me in a personal message. 2. Patches 5.4c.zip under 5.4c CTD problem - a solution. 3. 11/11/13 - 5.4c new patch. That's all I have done. I do wonder if I need to install 5.4c from the beginning as I have had so many problems? Regards. James
  23. Good evening Burkhard, I have only installed the patches you have provided and I have not modified anything, I wouldn't know how to. So, it is a puzzlement. Regards. James
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