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  1. Hello again folks, So frustrating after installing all the patches. I now find that the liveries for the airlines CSA and Air Malta have reverted to the old liveries. I wonder how this might be fixed? Regards. James
  2. Good evening WallysWorld, That did the trick. Thanks a million. Regards. James
  3. good evening rlgpilot1, Thanks for this. But what is the UAC? Regards. James
  4. Good evening Burkhard, I would like some help please. Unable to install patch. I have put the patches into the aircraft installers folder. When I double click on the batch file it doesn't fully install. I get the error message "Cannot write to C:\program files (x86) Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\My Traffic\TDBX.exe". What do I need to do to fix this? Regards. James
  5. jamesyboy


    Good evening folks. FYI - I have also seen JAL 787 at RJTT at different times even at 100% traffic. I have also seen a United 787 at EKCH and United 787's, even parked side by side at the gate at the United terminal at KORD. Sorry, can't recall the times, so I guess you'll have to look for them, but very easy to spot at KORD. There was also an Ethiopian 787 at Addis Ababa, but unfortunately it had a black texture only, so couldn't really see it. Regards. James
  6. Hey, I wonder if anyone who has experienced a similar problem can help. I am unable to use the My Traffic Editor because I get a message "TrafficDataBasebuilder not yet copied !". I understand this is because I don't have "TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe" installed. I only have the basic Microsoft Flight Simulator X installed and I think Burkhard previously advised that the files I need to run the My Traffic Editor are included within Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition which I have now purchased. However, I am not at all competent at the technical stuff and my question is: Can I install the Deluxe version over the basic version already installed or do I need to delete that first? If I delete it, what would happen to My Traffic and all the add on scenery I have installed? I'm worried that I will lose everything! Would anyone kindly have some advice or expertise they can share with? Thanks in anticipation. Regards. James
  7. jamesyboy

    My Traffic 5.4a

    Looking for some advice please. I note in 5.4a that there are no liveries in the Star Alliance or One World colour schemes. Are they there, and, if so, how do I get these? Regards.
  8. jamesyboy

    Version 5.4

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. It's taken me a while to get back to you. I have yet to delete and reinstal as you suggested. The problem is when I choose select schedules in My Traffic Communicator I receive the message "Cannot write to c:\Program Files (x86) Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator x\My Traffic\TDBX.exe". When I click ok to close box a further message "The selected file(s) couldn't be extracted" appears. I don't know what this means. I don't think I haveTrafficdatabasebuilder.exe. I cannot find the files on line to download this or Service Pack SP1a. I wondered if you could provide me with the links. Also, in My Traffic Communicator in the downloads field it tells me there is a new version MTXV54 available. Yet, I have this. It still shows download for patched for version 5.3.b only. Your help would be appreciated. It's all a mystery to me. I am not very good at the technical stuff
  9. jamesyboy

    Version 5.4

    Some advice please. I had version 5.3b installed but recently upgraded to version 5.4. I am unable to select schedules within the communicator. I wonder if I need to delete version 5.3b in order for the new version to work properly. Many thanks.
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