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  1. Problem solved! :) Trouble was that my FS2004 folder was mapped directly to the letter K:\. Should've gone one level higher, so that the path reads K:\FS2004\. All is well now... :) Regards, Jure
  2. Hi, I am using FSC9,which is installed on a secondary computer and FS9. When I open the Airport Information window, it tells me that data is based on file APxxxxx.bgl, even if I have an add-on installed for that airport. This happens for all airports - no add-on airports AFCAD data is found and I always get defaults. My network paths are K:\ for the main FS9 folder and N:\ for flight plans data. If I open FSCDBM_FS09.LOG, I see that there is a double backslash used after the drive letter: based on: k:\\scenery.cfg. Scenery data is written correctly, however, further down in the file, there are double backslashes again: K:\\AEROSOFT\LOWI_2009\scenery\0_ATP_excl.BGL and so on Also, in FSCDbManager.ini I get the double backslash: [FS] FSPATH09=K:\\ FSPATH10= FSLAST=0 Could this be the problem (and how to solve it)? Thank you! :) Regards, Jure
  3. Hi again, Pete, I am glad to say that using FS Controls to assign four aircraft exits to joy buttons worked perfectly! I learned something new and I think I'll get more adventurous now... 8) Much obliged! Regards, Jure
  4. Pete, Why not use the FS controls instead of Key Presses? I couldn't find more than one Aircraft Exit in FS Controls and went straight to key presses! Of course, now it makes perfect sense.... Select 1, 2,3,4... :roll: Thank you very much for the advice! Out of curiosity, I will also check the logs to see what is going on. Thanks again! Regards, Jure
  5. Hello Pete, Could you please help me clear this bit of code I wrote for opening aircraft exits? Using FS9, FSUIPC version, Saitek Yoke and two throttle quadrants Key "K" assigned in FS to "Select exit" Code in FSUIPC.ini: [buttons] 1=P3,16,K75,8 2=P3,18,K75,8 3=P3,18,K50,8 4=P1,0,K75,8 5=P1,0,K51,8 6=P1,2,K75,8 7=P1,2,K52,8 Line 1 should open main exit (but. 16 on joy 1) = key "K" (correctly opens main exit) Lines 2 and 3 should open second exit (but. 18 on joy 1) = key "K" then "2" (opens main exit) Lines 4 and 5 should open main cargo door (but. 0 on joy 2) = key "K" then "3" (opens main exit) Lines 6 and 7 should open 2nd cargo door (but. 2 on joy 2) = key "K" then "4" (opens main exit) EDIT: Forgot to add that pressing keys "K" alone and "K" with "2","3" and "4", respectively, correctly open all the doors as it should. What am I missing here? My old brain is turning to clay... Thank you in advance! :) Regards, Jure
  6. Hi Peter, same here. I manually un-checked all weather filters and the results were mixed. For a while, "heavy snows" weather theme stuck, but then the weather cleared. When I tried to switch to another, it changed to clear weather immediately, switching to "User defined weather". Then I tried all weather themes with same results. The change was instantaneous. Disabling (removing) FSUIPC cured the problem (of course :) ) >>I may make a new option to allow the weather filters to be applied only >>to external weather sources, avoiding touching the FS built-in weather >>at all. That sounds like a great idea! Thanks for your hard work, Peter, it is appreciated! :) Regards, Jure
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