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  1. Thank you for your reply, problem solved by finding the right map on my pc. regards, Bert.
  2. Thank you for this auggestion, but I deleted FSC9, so I continue my search for a solution. regards, Bert Ettema
  3. In Navigraph Data Manager I checked "Update Flight Sim Commander 9.5.1 (and above)"after updating it shows that it was updated to airac 1811, but that does not show when starting up FSC 10. Regards, Bert
  4. After updating FSC 9 to 10 impossible to update the airac, it stays on airac 1809, tried several times to update via FSCDbmager and Navigraph FMS data manager. PLS Help Bert Ettema
  5. Andreas, It was Volker Heine of FlightSim Commander who helped me. Bert \
  6. Hi Andreas, My solution was given by a helddesk I don't remember which one, sorry Try the following: left column go to steam/steamapps/common /FSX Now I see ( and I hope you too) in my (your) right column Programdata/Microsoft/Fsx and in green"you have correctly choosen etc." Hopefully this will solve your problem as it did mine. kind regards, Bert
  7. I run FSX-steam on Windows 10 home edition. FSC 10 downloaded from aerosoft yesterday 2-7-2018 When I try to activate FSC 10 the following message appears: "Database for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 missing or incomplete" Please choose different FS version or run Database Manager first. Now I try to run Database manager without succes. FSX-steam is in C:/programfiles-steam Databasemanager is in C:/FSC10/aerosoft/FSCDbManager.exe When I activate the DBManager to look for the path to my FSX-steam in the left column the right column is deactivated(grey) PLS Help, Bert Ettema
  8. I installed all according to the instructions. I keep on trying. Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Bert Ettema
  9. Thank you for your help. FSC does connect now to Google earth, but no more than that. Aircraft icon not visible on google earth. After "window-options-online" Google earth is active but when trying to activate the aircraft icon Google earth is deactivated. Kind regards, Bert Ettema
  10. FSX, FSUIPC 4.920 12 febr.2014 FSC 9.5 download version Database Manager 2-5-2014 14 march 2014 Airac Cycle Navigraph Airac 1312 Rev/nov 14-dec11/13 FSC Windows 7 /64. FSC-windows-online : After inserting : C\Program Files(x86)\google\google earth\client. the following message came up: "The folder of google earth does not meet the expactation of the operating system" When closing and saving and opening again "window online" Google Earth is not marked activated, at the same time the aircraft icon is activated and when I activate Google earth.again the aircraft icon ia deactivated. Google Earth is on C and FSC on mij F hard drive I bought a new pc but on the old pc it never was a problem re-activating Google Earth in FSC.
  11. As you said "persistance pays" is quite right. I found the cause of my problem, the problem was not FSUIPC4, and here is a tip for future users with a FSUIPC4 problem. Check after a reinstall of FSX if SP1 is installed, I tried to reinstall SP2 and got the message that SP! was not installed. After reinstalling SP1 en than SP2 my problem was solved and without any problem FSX started inclusive the module containing FSUIPC4, so I could use FSC . Pete many thanks for your help and wishing you a very pleasant holiday. with the kindest regards Bert Ettema
  12. After several times I gave up. Would buying a new FSUIPC4 solve the problem? Sofar thank you for your help kind regards Bert Ettema
  13. You are right, I should be more specific. After a reinstall of FSX inclusive SP2 and reinstalling, after updating to FSUICP4.7, FSX did start untill fsx splashscreen appeared after a while it gave the message "MSFSX doesn't work anymore a solution is sought after and program will be closed." In the folder "modules" in FSX in Program Files the following files were present : FSUIPC4install FSUIPC4key FSUIPC4DLL FSUIPC Documents after removing these files FSX started without a problem. I also followed your advice and started FSX several times without result. I hope that persistence will pay. Kind regards Bert Ettema
  14. fsuipc4 installed in map modules FSX,but trying to start FSX, FSX shuts down. After removing fsuipc4 FSX starts the usual way , but no map modules uninstalled FSX and FSUIPC4 reinstalled both., same negative result. pls help
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