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  1. Thanks. Sorted out, anything is working again! Topic can be closed.
  2. Hi Pete, I am lost a little. Might be easier if you send me a test version. 🙂 Email via PM. Regards, Peter
  3. Hi Pete, thanks for your support. I am running "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" "/Water /+Q" in my program SIMstarter NG P3D since my software has been released. A BETA Tester informed me, that SIMstarter does not work with Makerwys 5.1 any more. While testing I found out that one parameter is working and two parameter won't. My first thought was, that "/Water" does not work any more and therefore I tested the others to make analysis for you guys easier. Do I get you right, with 5.11 I would get the same result as before (runways with water runways, silent execution and auto cl
  4. If this helps: it worked with this until v5.1: 🙂 "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" "/Water /+Q"
  5. Same behavior as above. Starts and closes makerwys. Can you pls check?
  6. Hi, looks like makerwys is closing when adding multiple commandline parameters. Can you please have a look at this? "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" => Ok "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" "/+Q" => Ok "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" "/Water" => Ok "<P3DRoot>\makerwys.exe" "/Water /+Q" => Fail Fail means, makerwys.exe closes without creating any files.
  7. Hey Pete, it was a "longer weekend" but I can confirm that keypresses are working again adding LuaTrapKeyEvent=No to the [General] section of your FSUIPC6.INI file. Why isn't it default any more? Can you turn it back to default in further versions? Thank you for your support!
  8. Hi Pete, sorry I was very busy during the week. Will test that and come back to you.
  9. Hi, you may remember the ipc.keypress issue I've reported some days ago (I am using a lua-script). This has been fixed with v6.0.1.0b but looks there is another issue preventing ipc.keypress and native keyboard key presses too. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/89926-p3dv5-hf2-ipckeypressplus-dont-press-key/?do=findComment&comment=544912 Please find fsuipc6.log This can be reproduced by calling the GSX menu. Rolling back to brings everything back to normal. Could you please have a look again? 😉 Regards, Peter FSUIPC6.log
  10. Yes, looks as solved. I just did a quick test today. Can spend more time tomorrow.
  11. That you can find something on my side for improvement. 😉 *lol* ...I will change that
  12. Right: 1) ipcReady.lua calls "ipc.macro("Lua peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX")" 2) peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua contains the code above 3) Start the sim (runs ipcReady.lua and peroJeeHellExtPWRbyGSX.lua 4) Open the GSX menu (SHIFT+CTRL+W) and try to press "1" on keyboard 5) Does not work
  13. Right. It has nothing to do with ipc.keypress but using this LUA causes the problem. Strange...
  14. Hi Pete, I think I nailed it: local PNFSoundDialogKeyShift = 1 local PNFSoundDialogKeyCode = 88 function PNFSoundsToggle() --if (PNFsoundPlay==0) then -- PNFsoundPlay=1 -- if (ipc.elapsedtime() > timeScriptLoaded + 5000) then ipc.Display("pero | JeeHellExtPWRbyGSX: Pilot none flying announcements -- ON", 3) end --else -- PNFsoundPlay=0 -- if (ipc.elapsedtime() > timeScriptLoaded + 5000) then ipc.Display("pero | JeeHellExtPWRbyGSX: Pilot none flying announcements -- OFF", 3) end --end end event.key(PNFSoundDialogKeyCode, PNFSoundDialogKeyShift, "PNFSoundsToggle") Look
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