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  1. I guess not -- I'll look again. Thanks
  2. I see the offset for the TOGA function (080C) in the FSUIPC4 Offset Status but I don't see it in the drop down list in Buttons+Switches -- but there again I may just be missing it. Can anyone please help. Thanks Alan
  3. Pete Sorry I should have mentioned that I was not using actual button information from the INI file -- just examples -- that's why there are no assignments. I guess I should have written the example as: 45=CP(+J68,B2)J72,B4 46=J68,B2 47=J72,B4 I just wanted to get the logic correct. I was trying to clarify where the button conditional line should be located (as the actual button line entries are done by FSUIPC). I also should have mentioned that the buttons I am referring to are actually button operated switches and are latching such that they hold there position (DOWN/ON) until they are pressed again (UP/OFF). Thanks Alan
  4. I'm sorry to be pedantic but I want to make sure I'm doing this correctly. Button 68,2 is programmed as the APU master Button 72,4 is programmed as the APU Start button. Pressing button 72,4 is not supposed to do anything unless button 68,2 has first been pressed and once button 68,2 has been pressed it will allow the function of button 72,4 to take place once it is pressed. In the real world button 68,2 closes a relay to provide power to button 72,4. So my button conditional was supposed to be (sorry about leaving in the J and the P): n=CP(+68,2)72,4 So with this 45=cp(+68,2)72,4 46=68,2 47=72,4 Am I correct in saying that: Line 45 states that the button assignment on line 47 will not take place (if that button is pressed) unless button 68,2 has been pressed and that if button 68,2 has been pressed then the button assignment on line 47 will take place when it is pressed? Thanks for your help on this. Alan
  5. We are working on a solution with Ron Rollo and DonnyRay Jones. May need some hardware added to the encoder circuits. At the moment if I set the HDG to the fast option the faster I turn the encoder the heading bug slows down so I think the button presses are being sent by the Pokey card erratically.
  6. Okay so if the 'n' defines the order of execution then the 'n' in n=CP(+j2,b2)j,b does need to have a lower number than that of the 'n' for the actual button entries so it is executed first. So for the dependency to work the button section would need to look like this example? 45=cp(+j68,b2)j72,b4 46=68,2 47=72,4 Thanks Alan PS Yes I did mean to say at the end of the Buttons section of the INI file not the end of the INI file -- sorry.
  7. I did a test of the heading bug today. Using FSUIPC AP Panel HDG INC Fast function I get 180 degrees rotation of the heading bug for 360 rotation of the encoder (One "click of the encoder changes the bug 10 degrees) and for the Normal option I get 1.25 degrees rotation of the bug for 180 degrees rotation of the encoder. Now there may well be no way to fine tune this in FSUIPC but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks Alan
  8. I read that post and to be honest it was way above my pay grade. Did you ever get them to work correctly? Thanks Alan
  9. I know that in the User Guide I am advised to set the AutoAssignLetters= to YES so that FSUIPC can keep track of the programming associated with a particular joystick. My question is does FSUIPC keep track of the programming of the joystick if it's moved not just from one port to another -- but from one PC to another PC both running WideFS on the network? Thanks Alan
  10. I just installed my Flight Guidance Computer (Autopilot) in my Lear45 sim. It has encoders for flight level, speed, heading etc., all controlled through a Pokey card. I can program the functions in FSUIPC from the drop down list in Buttons and Switches as I have programed the Pokey card to send the encoder's left and right turns as such. The issue is that I can only select a FAST or SLOW option and when changing the heading for instance, SLOW takes too long and FAST is not accurate enough as it tends to overshoot the desired heading. When I used to have GoFlight autopilot module this was not an issue as GoFlight software presumably detected how fast I was turning the knob and selected the speed accordingly. I'm sure that someone has somehow managed to fix this -- perhaps using a LUA script to detect how fast the button presses are taking place and selecting the appropriate FSUIPC function -- FAST or SLOW? I have no programming experience and have only managed to write a small LUA script that plays a sound when a button is pressed so a more complicated script would be beyond me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Alan
  11. I have a quick question. When editing the INI file to add a button dependency such as n=CP(+j2,b2)j,b does this need to be inserted in front of the relative button entries or at the end of the INI file? Thanks Alan
  12. Pete What I was trying to say (and maybe I wasn't too clear) if I just assign an Increment to the HDG encoder it takes forever to get the needle turned say 180 degrees because of the small incremental movements. Assigning an Increment fast certainly gets a 180 degree turn of the needle quick but it's impossible to fine tune down to the correct reading as it jumps in too large increments. Ideally using an Increment when turning the encoder knob slowly but changing to Increment fast when turning it fast but I don't think you can assign both increments to say the CW movement of the encoder. So, I read somewhere on your forum about a way to have the incremental movements of the HDG needle small when you are turning the encoder knob slowly and large when you turn it faster. I cannot find it so was asking if you remember how it was done -- a LUA script perhaps? Thanks Alan
  13. Pete I am getting an FGC (auto pilot) for my Lear 45 that uses encoders connected to a Pokey card for HDG, CRS, ALT etc. I seem to remember that in Buttons + Switches assignments you have the option for Increment, Decrement, Increment fast, and Decrement fast for all of these function. However I'm sure you cannot use Increment and Increment fast at the same time for a button assignment to an encoder CW movement. I seem to remember that there is another way to do this but cannot find it. Do you remember what that was -- a LUA script maybe? Thanks Alan
  14. Pete There is nothing in their manual so I sent them an email. Thanks Alan
  15. Graham In InterfaceIT the options I have are: Byte Float16 LongInt LongWord ShortInt SmallInt Word The documentation I have says that the combustion flag offsets are U16 (unsigned word ?) but I'm not sure if I should use Word or LongWord. Thanks Alan
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