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  1. First of all, thank you for your replies. AI Smooth is a great tool and all but, at least for me, it struggles when handling a large amount of traffic, ultimately leading to some aircraft not arriving at all. Pilots may not realize or care for a few AI aircraft failing to arrive, but to a spotter its a big deal. Thank you, Simon, for your interest. I hope the following may best answer your questions regarding this idea: AI aircraft poised to arrive on a particular runway at a particular airport could be monitored by STB for a predetermined minimum separation distance from other nearby aircra
  2. Greetings, Unlike many from this forum, I am more of a virtual spotter than a pilot. In fact, over the years I've created a vast fictional virtual airline flown by AI pilots. I've also created an increasingly growing fictional mega-hub of an airport. However, as the airport has grown, so too has the traffic amount. Competing with such airports as Denver or DFW. As a result, I have come to depend on Super Traffic Board to help with the inflow of landing traffic, as far as separation is concerned. But its my desire as a spotter to view 100% of the traffic that's scheduled to arrive actually lan
  3. Greetings, I'm not sure if this is a common issue but as a user of UT2, I added a new traffic database. Now I am not given the option to toggle UT2 transmissions to STB3. Is my additional traffic database to blame or might it be something else, and if so, can it be fixed? Thanks
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