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  1. Pete, I cleared all the button assignments in the .INI file, and that took care of the problem. Thanks for the insight! Doc104
  2. Paul, I agree with what you said. Only the kicker is that it's the X55 driver, not the programming software, that causes the "space" characters malfunction and conflict with FSUIPC. I had only the driver loaded when I first encountered the problem. Loading the programming software, testing the system, and then deleting the software, and testing again, all showed the same symptom of continuous "space" characters. I was attempting to set up everything on the X55 with FSUIPC just as you describe, but the conflict prevents FSX from operating normally. I didn't have this issue with either the X45, the X52 pro, or the yoke. This is something new with the X55 driver. So the irony is, it works fine with unregistered FSUIPC - which means I can't program the keys that way. With registered FSUIPC, I can program the keys, but I get the malfunction. Thanks, Doc104
  3. Hi Peter, I just connected my new X55 HOTAS, and have found that the X55 driver causes a conflict with my registered FSUIPC (both 4.8 and 4.9). Specifically, it causes the joystick to send out a continuous and uninterruptible stream of "space" characters for as long as FSX is running, or until the joystick is disconnected. Interestingly, when I use an unregistered FSUIPC, this does not happen, But then I'm forced to use the MadCatz programming software, which causes ghost commands in FSX. MadCatz recommends I stop using FSUIPC and use SimConnect instead. That's not a great answer, as I rather like my registered FSUIPC. I'd appreciate any advice you have on this. Thanks, Doc104
  4. Hi! I'm having trouble adding traffic using MyTraffic 5.3 between LIPL (Ghedi) and LIMS (Piacenza). Neither of these stock aiports had pre-programmed parking in FSX. For LIPL, I rebuilt the airfield using ADEX, and loaded 22 MIL COMBAT and 3 MIL CARGO parking spots, including all the necessary taxiways. At LIMS, I added 3 MIL CARGO and 3 MIL COMBAT parking spots. The goal was to have traffic going back and forth between the two airfields. Using the manual for the MyTraffic Editor, I edited the airports using "Edit by ICAO" to add the parking locations for each airport. I clicked the "Keep Changes' button. After I created all files and traffic, I re-opened the "Edit by ICAO" window to find that the parking statistics for both airports had reverted to "zero." I'm sure this is why no traffic appeared as well. Can you help my figure out why the edit won't keep? I'm using Win 7 64, FSX Acceleration, and MyTraffic 5.3. Thanks very much, Doc104
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