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    14 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

    Previous version of what? FSUIPC? The difference between 5.121 and 5.121b is negligible except in the two small option areas it addressed, and a problem with one of those was fixed in 5.121c.

    Are you using P3D version 4.1? If not, please update. then download FSUIPC 5.122.




    My bad....for some reason I had in mind I have the latest version of p3d client, but I have not. Now I have updated the client and everything runs fine.

    Thanks for your fast reply!


  2. Hi Pete,

    I have same/similar problem with the latest version of fsuipc (5.121b) under p3dv4.1

    I just have installed it and the p3d after starting it goes to black screen. By pressing ESC I can bring up the Scenario menu, but in the menu it does CTD. When I remove fsuipc from the modules folder then p3d starts normally. Previous version was working with no problem.

    I have other addons starting with p3d; UTLive and ChasePlane, Navigraph Simlink starts with PC startup already.

    The log file is attached.



  3. Hi Pete,


    I am using the FSFK since a while without any problem. I have a network setup: PC1 with P3D v2.5 and PC2 with widefs, FSFK, ASN, vpilot.

    2 weeks ago I have updated the OS on both of my PC1 & PC2 to windows10 and since that time FSFK is reporting 00:00h for my flights as shown on this example: http://air-child.com/pirepDetail.php?fid=16082015175753ACH06804454&pid=ACH0680

    When I check the report in FSFK i see more details and for the reported times it shows a strange date from the years of 1890...

    I have tested FSAcars installed on PC2 and that reports properly. (maybe that does not consider year?!).

    I do not know if it is widefs, FSFK or Windows issue...but can not get any response from the support team of FSFK that is the reason why I came here for some idea.


    Of course checked the system and p3d dates and they are correct.

    One thing what I will still check is the international settings in windows on PC1 and PC2 if they are same in regards of the date, however I do not know if it has any affect or not.




  4. Hello Pete,

    So, after a few trials I am coming back with some good news.

    With the support of the ASX team I enabled the wind smoothing and stabilization in the FSUIPC and disabled in the ASX, and the setting is 5 secs for each kt or degree of change in the FSUIPC. With this values it seems to be working, no circulation and heavy changes what I have experienced before.

    Back to your question:

    So, why not try 10 secs or 20?

    If I set it to a really high value, than during the descent the weather has no time to change to the realistic surface or layer wind due to the restriction in the change.

    Right now I am happy with this result, maybe I will fine tune it later.

    Thanks for your kind and valuable support on this issue.



  5. So, I made a trial with the suggested settings. (5secs for ewach kt or degree of change)

    The situation is slightly better, but far away from the acceptable.

    Now the wind changes "just" in 45 degrees continously, and also when even in ASX I have a surface wind 30002kts on 500ft just before landing the wind is arr.15-18kts continously changing between 280 and 320 degrees which cause over speed and continous nose movement. It seems the ASX applies a higher wind aloft data even on surface level.

    I am quite convinced it is not an FSUIPC issue, just wanted to update you, and hopefully I can give the final solution as well just for learn out something from the issue :)



  6. If it is taking 1-2 secs maybe you have the smoothing set incorrectly?

    I will check again the smoothing settings today eve.

    Where are you flying when this happens?

    LHBP, LROP, EDDF area

    Sounds like good advice. And have you done so? The "higher value" thery refer to is the time. Not the change allowed.

    I will check it today eve. Do you have any suggestion for the values?

    On the other hand it is strange why it happens just during descend, approach and never during take-off.

    By the way thanks for your advise, after the trials I will come back with the results.


  7. Pete,

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I don't really know what you mean by "generally below Fl100 during approach or descent I have heavy circulating wind around the plane", because certainly I've never experienced anything like that with ASE.

    For instance on the Wilco A320 you have wind indicator on the ND. When this problem starts, for instance the wind starts from 90deg/22kts goes to 270deg/22kts and back again to 90deg/22kts and it starts again. One turn is around 1-2sec. When I reach (in one piece) app.200ft on landing it seems to be reduced or stopped.

    Have you tried Active Sky support, or considered upgrading to ASE?

    Yes, they answer for the time being to adjust the wind smoothing to "higher value" in FSUIPC. While I do not know really what is the problem I do not want to purchase additional tool as maybe the problem will remain.

    I don't know "Zinertec Ultimate Weather FX", but have you checked whether that adds other effects apart from "nicer clouds"? Gusts and turbulence are common in and just below thick cloud layers.

    I checked the description of Zirtec and this application just gives better textured clouds and so on, nothing to do with weather generation.


  8. Hello,

    I use FSX (SP2) with registered FSUIPC and Zinertec Ultimate Weather FX for nicer clouds.

    Also I have a second PC in network configuration where I have SB4 and Active Sky X and WideClient for acars software.

    My problem is as stated above; generally below Fl100 during approach or descent I have heavy circulating wind around the plane which cause over speed and extreme side winds during the approaches.

    Already tried many settings, especially wind smoothings in ASX and FSUIPC with different values, but the phenomena still exists.

    Generally I use Wilco A320, PMDG 747 or Level-D 767 for my flights and I can experience the problem with each of them.

    Both computer has Win7, on the FSX PC it is 64bit, on the network PC it is 32bit, the connection between the PCs are OK; SB4, WideClient and ASX connects without any problem.

    I really do not know the source of the problem, but in my understanding when the ASX sends the weather data to the FSX the FSUIPC should apply the smoothing with the selected values. Am I right?

    Maybe someone else experienced such a problem? Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance,


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