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  1. Hi Simon, Fair enough - although I would have thought that logic counter intuitive - Surely a paid product ought strive to do more (or at least the equivalent of) free ones. The suite of freeware software mentioned above do seem to be performing a number of the same AI manipulation functions as STB, albeit it without the same GUI. Just for your awareness. Cheers,
  2. Hi Simon, I can't test at the moment as I wiped the PC in preperation for a fresh V5 (HF2) install in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed). In response to point 2 above, would it be possible then to simply limit AI to those aircraft that are either departing or arriving at airports listed in my flight plan (presuming my flight plan is loaded and read by STB). I notice that the creator of freeware programs AIFLOW , AIGROUND and now AICULL has done similar. I'd like to keep my AI utilities to just the one so if STB was able to do this that would be brilliant. Cheers,
  3. Hi All, I love this program and can't beleive I waited so long to buy it. That said I'm having issues with the "Optimise Traffic Volumes". I love the idea of this feature because if I'm flying into a place like LHR then I don't need to or want to see all the traffic at Gatwick, Stansted or London City. Its a drain on my FPS and I never see it anyway. So, upon starting my flight at LHR I use Optimize Traffic Volumes to kill off all the AI at these other airports....only it doesn't actually remove the AI aircraft. Pressing the OK from within the AI Locations box tells me it's going to
  4. Hi All, I finally purchased STB and so far so good. Setup was easy and no issues with getting it working. A couple of questions however on features. 1. Is there a way that I can set a departure time for my user aircraft? I see options for STB to calculate it (10 minutes from now) or for me to set a fixed time but that fixed time doesn't count down so will always be 45 minutes from now or 30 minutes from now. Can I stipulate a local time somehow? Perhaps a feature for a future version 2. I really like the AI feature that allows me to "kill" AI that is not departing or arriving at
  5. I also don't see what the problem was, but thats all I did to fix it. I just copied the correct scenery.cfg file and renamed it sceneryfsc.cfg, ran the database manager again and it worked. Its been broken for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden it worked so that was definitely the issue, although I don't understand why.
  6. Problem solved. Although I have no idea why it was doing what it was doing. It turns out that when I was running FSCFSXCFG.exe on my FSX machine it was taking the WRONG scenery.cfg file and placing it as sceneryfsc.cfg. The correct FSX scenery.cfg file is located in c:\program data\microsoft\fsx FSCFSXCFG was taking a very old one from c:\users\Airbumps\appdata\roaming\microsoft\fsx This was causing some sort of issue. As soon as I copied the correct SCNERY.CFG and renamed it SCENRYFSC.CFG all worked fine. Still, that was three days of my life I will never get back Cheers, AB
  7. Hi Volker, Here is a screenshot of my current settings. They seem to be the same as you have in your attachment. I do not understand what you mean by 'Your screenshots do not have a verification' http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae145/airbumps/FSCommander-1.jpg I still cannot get FSC to locate the FSX addon drive. Just to be clear. I have installed FSCommander on my laptop under C:\FSX\FSC. This is just a folder on my laptop I use to install FSX addons that run over a network - things like Radar Contact, ASE and EFB are there too. FSX itself is on my desktop computer, on its own drive
  8. Thanks for the reply Volker. Here is my FSC.INI file. I've previously tried deleting them both and having them re created but that didn't work either. Any ideas? AB
  9. Here are two screenshots. One of my flight plans page and the other of the error message. http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae145/airbumps/FSCommander.jpg http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae145/airbumps/FSCommander2.jpg
  10. Hi all, Yes, I've read the manual and done a search with no value unfortunately. I think I'm doing everything right so this is my last resort. Running Windows 7 64Bit as admin with UAC turned off. I'm running a WideFS setup. FSC Running on my laptop and FSX on my desktop. My FSX dedicated drive is mapped as Z: on my laptop. My Flight Simulator X folder is mapped as Y on the laptop. I'm having issues saving addon flight plans. In the options/flightplans area I can find and select my FSX folder by selection Z:\FSX (which is the correct folder) however each time I go to save I get the error te
  11. Never mind, networking issue. All fixed now. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to generate a flight from KSEA to KSFO. I can create the flight without problems, but when I go to save it I get the message "No flght plan can be filed for airprots without runways (KSFO)". I presume its telling me that in the AFCAD for KSFO there are no runways but I've checked and there certainly appears to be. The database manager has just been run and all is up to date there. Any ideas what I can do to fix this error. Thanks
  13. Hi All, I've recently purchased FSC after using FSBuild for many years. FSBuild was easy, althought perhaps the GUI isn't as nice as FSC. However I cannot for the life of me get FSC to plan anything close to a reasonable track accross the atlantic. I've read a bunch of threads on here and have downloaded and can view the tracks, but I'm obviously missing something. I've uploaded via the attached links two pictures of what happens when I try to generate a flight plan from KORD-EGKK using both high and low altitute airways. http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae145/airbumps/FSCLo.jpg http://i
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