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  1. I'm using Live traffic, there are no settings other than on/off... at least I think that's correct... I can't use offline AI because it cause CTD's every time,
  2. Hi John Thanks for the update. The minimal testing I've done so far looks good. Unfortunately I never seem to experience a lot of live AI traffic at the best of times. I'll obviously keep running with it and let you know if there are any issues.
  3. Thank you John... we're getting closer at least.
  4. Hi John, Just been checking the AI Traffic tables and notice the 'From/To' data is now being populated correctly but the 'State' element is not. When I first raised this last November I know you said you reported it on Zendesk so Asobo may well think this has now been addressed fully. I'm more than happy to report this but thought you might wish to follow it up. Dave
  5. Thanks John... I didn't think there was much that could be done... at least I know the formats I'm likely to get so can work around it
  6. With reference to an old post... ... and apologies if this has been readdressed since (but I couldn't find anything more) but today I thought I was having another senior moment. The offset 0x3C00 was once again only showing the path from \Simobjects and not the full path. So I restarted FS and tried again and this time 0x3C00 was now showing the full path. What the heck? Hitting Escape and returning to the main menu I changed aircraft and hit Fly Now, once at the departure airport I tried 0x3C00 again and whoa!!!! Only showing the path from \SimObjects. I recall last year when we were discussing this I thought Asobo were changing things on a daily basis because this reared its ugly head quite a few times but now I can recreate it. Don't know if this helps at all Dave
  7. Just thought I'd post my findings as it may help someone some time if they experience the same issue. 1. Install FSUIPC7 7.0.4 (everything's great and FSUIPC7 starts with FS2020) 2. Install Honeycomb's Light Fix 3. FSUIPC7 no longer runs with FS2020 4. Lights on Honeycomb Bravo still not working! 5. After some head scratching I checked the EXE.XML file to find the Honeycomb installer doesn't append to the existing file but merely overwrites it. Not only that but the file it output was not complete and had some XML tags missing, hence the lights not working. 6. Re-install FSUIPC7 and make a safe copy of the EXE.XML file. 7. Add the Honeycomb entry to the XML file 8. FSUIPC7 starts with FS2020 and the lights on the Honeycomb Bravo work too! I have reported this to Honeycomb support
  8. I noticed that too... why not leave the font as it is and just remove 'We are'
  9. Hi John, Thanks for the reply This time it worked! It was my AV (AVG) preventing the installer writing to my 'protected' documents folder. Strange thing is it (AVG) never gave me a message about it first time round, but this time it actually gave me the option to ignore the message and continue. I'm becoming to dislike AVG... used it for years but I swear it's getting worse with age, rather than better, like me! 😀 I've attached the log file InstallFSUIPC7.log
  10. Hi, Just did a new install of FSUIPC7 and it complained about not being able to open/write each of the PDF files. The only PDF installed is for FSI2. Uninstalled and retried but had the same issue. I've attached the install log which doesn't appear to show the individual failures but does show it was unable to create the Documents link Thank you InstallFSUIPC7.log
  11. Hi John, Since we can't get the assigned runway in use at the destination airport using the traffic tables, nor can we retrieve weather info whilst enroute, is there any other way of doing so? Dave
  12. Thank you for the update John, you must have read my mind. Dave
  13. Haven't tried real traffic Sorry, I don't have LittleNavMap
  14. Sorry John I should have said, initially I'm checking for an ICAO match at the departure airport. I haven't tested anything else yet.
  15. John/Pete I'm not able to read any AI Traffic data, which is working just fine with FS9/FSX/P3D. The offset status document seems to indicate this data is available. So first thing I did was to run Pete's TrafficLook program, which I assume would be using the same offsets and that seems to be missing the ICAO info in the 'From' column and has a numeric value in the 'To' column, so something seems amiss. Dave
  16. Well I'm not far behind Pete's double figures and can remember using his word processing program Wordcraft on the Commodore Pet systems! Dave
  17. Happy to say everything I've tried with the new data files is working fine so far.
  18. Excellent! Thank you Pete. Going to download it now and will test later this evening.
  19. I'll make it optional so for those, like yourself, with hardware radios that don't support 8.33 they can still have a working system.
  20. Yes, but you said you would convert the existing files to 25Khz... so the new files will be 8.33... that way addon programs will only have to be changed if they want to use 8.33 frequencies, if not, nothing changes and they will work as they do now.
  21. I think that's an excellent idea Pete. Gives everyone a clear choice of what to use. Personally I would opt for the new files to contain the 8.33 frequencies. As for any P3D addons using 8.33 frequencies, I don't know of any but will ask around.
  22. Well P3D supports 8.33 but as far as I can see there are no signs of that format in the MakeRwys data for P3D, so I would assume the source you access is all 25Khz. I've certainly never received complaints with regard to my software and P3D frequencies. Dave
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