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  1. And here's me thinking you were some form of magician, just kidding. Thanks Pete, it was adding the - and the + and then dividing by the max to get the multiplier (Scaler) I missed or miss understood in both the manual and your instructions here. Hell, I was pretty good at maths in school, but that was a while ago. It's late here, and had a busy day with kids and work. Thanks again Pete, it's working great now. As always, your software always gets me out of a situation regarding hardware / software integration. regards Michael.
  2. Hi Pete, +1023 is now removed and I have a normal Axis line added. I just need to add the math to the end of the line... Thanks very much for your informative reply. My range on the Axis numbers (Hardware) goes from 0 % throttle in Axis which = -16384 and 100 % throttle axis (Hardware) = +16383, That's what 0 to 100% looks like in the Axis assignments tab shows when I move them from 0 to 100 %. I was looking at the manual for advanced users in the AXIS section and I can see about scaling the actual movement for the throttle axis regarding the "Controls" not offsets as I stated before, but that is what I was given via the vendor, hence my offset statement. The reason I also state about the 1024 as the MAX for the "Controls" or which I thought was the Axis Max for the avionics as thats what I was told it was. From 0 / 1024. So hence why I mentioned it in my first post. The developers don't use FSUIPC or have no expierence with it so that's why I am here asking about it, as I already asked them, and that's one of the answers I got, other than having to program Hardware to Simconnect etc. I will keep scaling the multiplier to see what I can achieve. I will report back once I have hit a block wall again. Thanks for your help so far Pete ! regards Michael.
  3. Hi Peter, I am trying to set up for testing purposes a saitek throttle quadrant to use special offsets to control Engine 1 and 2 within FSUIPC with two axis until I build my proper TQ for this Aircraft The offsets which are dedicated for this avionics software are LEFT_THROTTLE=0x18173 RIGHT_THROTTLE=0x18174 I was told that the values for it are from 0 to 1023 (1023 being MAX power) First off, I have disabled all axis assignment in FSX regarding the throttles. Second I went into FSUIPC and went into the "Axis Assignment" tab and scanned and found the left throttle axis. I then selected the "Send to FS as normal axis" I then selected the <Custom Control> and put in the offset for Engine 1 throttle which is 0x18173 and clicked ok. FSUIPC then showed it as 98675 I then carried out the same for the Second axis with the second offset and FSUIPC then showed .98676. I am getting a response but it's always either 0 or max power with the levers when I add this to the FSUIPC.ini file. [Axes] 0=0Z,1,F,98675,0,0,0,+1023 1=0U,256,F,98676,0,0,0,+1023 2=1U,256,D,3,0,0,0,*0.5,+8192 3=1V,256,D,3,0,0,0,*-0.5,-8191 As you can see I have another two axis from a Pokeys card for rudder pedals in which I completed with two pots from another post I seen you posted to help another member here on the forum. (2=1U and 3=1V) with some added math which works perfectly by the way, thanks for that information. I was wondering what would be the proper math for my throttles axis so that I can use them correctly as of now, they only either go full power or idle power. Thanking you in advance Michael
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