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  1. I was having a hard time getting KTPA updated per the 1609 airac in FSC. For some reason, FSC showed the old runway headings. I eventually figured out that it was reading the addon scenery database in P3D and getting runway info from My Traffic Pro's facilities scenery. When I deactivated MT-Pro and ran the FSC database manager again, all the runways were in agreement with the new airac. Now, the FMC in the Quality Wings 757 has the same runways as FSC. So, my question is - Does anybody know how to update the scenery navdata in My Traffic Pro?
  2. Hello, all. This is my first post. I have been trying to create ZZZZ flight plans based on routes that do not start and end at FS airports - and that contain waypoints that do not coincide with FS map features(do to their being from very old route maps). I have made user waypoints for all the necessary locations. One thing that would make this process easier would be the ability to navigate the map by inputting the ICAO of my user waypoints. I don't see a check box for uwp's in the MAP/Find Object applet. Also, I haven't been able to glean a movement function from the Window/User Waypoint applet. At present, I move around the map by clicking on it until one of my waypoints comes into view. Then I can designate it as a ZZZZ airport. This is tough searching when the flight plan has any length to it. Have I missed a functionality in the manual? Thanks. FS2004 FSUIPC FSC build 16-03-2011 Database Manager W7 Pro 64-bit
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