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  1. For all my throttle axis's, assignments and buttons I have everything mapped through fsuipc now. I guess I could try native MFS and use fsuipc as a backup. I keep reading the native method is quite difficult.
  2. Are you able to assign throttles, axis's, buttons, etc... from within FSUIPC to the PFC equipment?
  3. So if I have PFC equipment that is all USB, no need for the PFCcom64.dll module correct?
  4. Two things: 1. How do you turn on developers mode? 2. On the Vatsim forum on the release announcement for vPilot it mentions that something broke between the beta and the release version regarding SimConnect. Users of vPilot are reporting a massive hit in frames when activated. vPilot uses SimConnect. Vatsim has reported it to Adobo and MS. We can only wait now for an update. Nothing to do with FSUIPC
  5. Oh thank the Lord for this. I was dreading the thought of having to redo all my button assignments, axis's and calibrations!
  6. I'll buy it the day fsuipc 5 is released
  7. Thanks will dive into the document tomorrow morning.
  8. Please see the below thread at avsim. Trying to figure out a way to make reverse thrust on an Axis rather than the all or nothing way doing it now. Hopefully someone here may know how. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/509868-thrust-reverse-help-needed/
  9. Getting this as well, exact same thing. Posted this thread link to LINDA forum.
  10. Nope, even on 3.2 with W10 and LINDA, latest fsuipc goes right to task manager. Just happened to me. EDIT: replaced with 949f version and did the same thing.
  11. I'm on W10 when I was having issues with 4.959. Also had LINDA installed. I have since rolled back to 3.3.5. Too many issues with 3.4hf2
  12. Too add to the confusion, after I reinstall fsuipc, at times I can start P3D normally 5 or 6 times, both with and without a computer restart before suddenly it starts and disappears to the task bar thus forcing me to reinstall fsuipc again. Yes I do have LINDA installed as well.
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