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  1. i have gone onto the simmarket web site but the upgrade for 2.1 is for the box version only i purchased my version 2 and down loaded direct. I am trying to get thr 2.1 verion as an upgrade but the updatechecker is telling me what i have no product for incremental upgrades ????? then went to a short cut that you posted and down loaded the file for 2.1 but when i go to unzip the file it is asking me for a password, which i do not have ???? what am i doing wrong and what do i have to do to sort it.
  2. I purchased the " down loaded " version of my 2004 v2. i have just tried the update checker but it is saying that my version is not supported for incremental updates ???? also i have looked on the simmarket web site and cannot find a link to try and update to version2.1 can u help please
  3. When ar we going to see military movement for the UK and Europe
  4. Hi guys 2.1 sound excellent but will there be military aircraft covering the UK RAF bases etc ??
  5. Hi guys can you help I have just re installed MY base edition then installed MY 2004 but I have no ATC. I proceeded to down load the " sound patch " but an error says I have the wrong language files ????????????? I down loaded the UK version...
  6. I have checked my traffic and I am missing aircraft textures. Therefore, what have I done wrong ?? Can you please post a list of what files I need and in what order. Can you also show the shortcuts I need to ensure that I am down loading the correct files as at the moment I think that I keep missing the correct order. Many thanks for your help!!!!
  7. Hi Guys I followed the steps you mentioned but my password update would not allow show the updated password so i think that i have down downloaded the files in the correct order..... I am down loading version 1.3 for 2002 and will copy the aircraft into the FS9 aircraft folder. what file do i need next ??? is it the MT2004V20HD.ZIP or should I download the To2004.ZIP file ??? or is there another one to do before
  8. I have just purchased a new computer and loaded in FS2004 and "mytraffic service pack3 base edition" along with the 2004 update but I cannot see any traffic in 2004...... what am ?I doing wrong.......................Please help
  9. I have tried using the search engine to obtain the file you talk about i cannot find it anywhere and the search engine keeps telling me the searcg is to long ???? Can you direct me please....
  10. Can you please help............ i have down loaded the "checker" which says i need to down load a file called http://www.fsrail.com/mt2004u20a.zip. although i have a password to finalise the installation i cannot find this fil anywhere... can you please help.....
  11. All is working great Many thanks for your help excellent add on many thanks again.
  12. Hi I have down loaded the "update " to 2004 and yes the file is in the main fl9 scenery directory as asked. Mark
  13. Please help !!! What am I doing wrong ?? I have deleted my old 2002 and installed the new 2004. I then down loaded again the service pk 1, pk2 and pk3 and the new 2004 patch and followed the set up instructions for 2004 in the correct order. However, I am not getting any planes in the flt sim Can somebody help. do I need the original base edition ?? Your help would be most appriciated
  14. Many thanks Husain has given me a direct link now trying to down load. Many thanks for all your help.
  15. Yes. If i go into " start" then " programmes" it sitting there as a file. But After terying to down loading sp1 when I search for the password as requested it says that it cannot find the file ???
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