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  1. Pete. You Da Man :D It worked like a charm, just like you said it would. Thank you very much for your help. I have even posted this result on the Eaglesoft forums so others can see how it was resolved through your expertise. Now go and spend some quality time with that Fantastic Train Layout you have in that upstairs room (if you still have it that is)
  2. Hi Peter. Yes, I was somewhat confused as to what they had done etc, they must have their reasons for doing this but I can't seem to identify what they are and why they have done this in a manner like this. I suppose this is what they mean when they say "accurate" FADEC in FS via FSUIPC etc. But, they did not provide any relevant details as to what you would have to do in order to get it working. it has taken me three days of forum posting to find out about mapping the throttle through "page 1 only" As I explained above, I have been using your program flawlessly for years in the manner I explained, but now this add-on a/c has come on the scene where I have to re-program FSUIPC each time I want to use it on the Citation, or do it again when I want to use one of the other 20 or so add-on a/c I use. Thank you anyway Peter for having a look at it for me.
  3. Hi All. I have just purchased this aircraft after waiting for it for a while. I noticed that they have implemented a form of FADEC if FS9.1 for this aircraft, and this is where I seem to be having some difficulties and wondered if I can do anything about this. I typically used page 3 of the joystick calibration after checking the box on page 1 to map to all 4 throttles. Then I calibrated the throttle all the way forward, then all the way back. Now at this point I then moved the Saitek X52 throttle forward about a quarter of the way from the rear, and then hit the button in FSUIPC for the reverse section. What this then gave me in all of my FS aircraft was the use of the throttle completely, but upon landing I simply closed the throttle to the three-quarters back point which in turn closed fully the throttles on the a/c, then if I carried on moving the throttle all the way to the back I got reverse thrust on all engines. I have been doing this for years and it works brilliantly, well, until now that is. The guy's over at Eaglesoft say that I cannot do this, and that I have to calibrate the throttles in FSUIPC using the setting for one throttle on page 1 of the calibration otherwise the throttles on the Citation won't work. This is correct because I have tried it. What I would like to know is, can I do this in some way like I was able to do so before where I was able to have reverse thrust at the rear of the throttles, but use it with the Eaglesoft aircraft. Thank you for any suggestions in this quest. Steve.
  4. Hi Pete, or anyone else for that matter. I have just had a strange thing happen to me in my on-line jaunt tonight. I noticed that each time I went in to full thrust with my Saitek X52 throttle, the chat window opened in FS9's multi player, (honest, it did) at first I thought nothing of it, and that maybe I had caught a key by mistake, but I closed it, and then when re-applying full thrust again I had the same thing happen again, if I closed the window, it popped open again, so I pulled the throttle back again, closed the window, then re-applied some more power, all was fine until I got to full power, and guess what happened, well. I have never had this before and wondered if anyone knew anything about it. I have my X52 mapped to the four throttle levers as in the throttle axis mapping page, and it was calibrated before hand. PS. can we map an afterburner to the throttle, does this automatically happen if you calibrate the throttle to just short of full power, then click the set button, then if you go that little bit more it will engage the re-heats, kind of like in the reverse thrust setting. or have I got this completely wrong, I bet I have haven't I. thanks Pete, or anyone else. Steve.
  5. Hello Pete and everyone. I have scoured the posts but couldn't find an answer so to speak, so I hope I don't get my head bitten off for starting this thread. I am having a problem with my brakes in FS9. I started to have this toward the end of my last FS9 as well before the re-format to clear out all the rubbish we seem to accumulate along the way after time, so, a clean install of FS9, with the Microsoft patch, PSS planes and Gary Summonses UK2000 sceneries, and Active Sky 4.5. thats it, nothing else. the problem seems very weird, I have the Saitek X52 stick and throttle combo, I have assigned a hat switch on the stick as a set parking brake, this works fine to set and un-set the parking brake, I have the trigger set to apply/release the main brakes,not left or right, but it just doesn't seem to apply them, I have the repeat rate in FS9 all the way to the right, but still no luck. however, it will release a parking brake, but just not apply any brakes whilst trying to slow down on the runway. I have even tried to re-assign a different key on the keyboard to something like ctrl-D with exactly the same results as above. my apologies if this has been mentioned before and you have answered anyone, but I couldn't find an answer as such. thanks Pete. Steve.
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