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  1. Throwing out a few ideas.... Read thru this thread and I see no mention of where the Ejets are installed. Inside the P3D root folder or outside via an addon.xml? If outside have you set an exclusion in your antivirus program for that folder? You mention disabling TomatoShade, but are you returning the shader files to their original state? Same thing for any other utils that might have changed any of P3D's default files. Use the default House liveries until you figure this out. Stop FSUIPC and anything else loading with P3D. Plain vanilla all the way. Good luck!
  2. I've never had any FPS issues while using Chaseplane. Clouds, on the other hand, often cause FPS to plummet. Your system specs, hardware and other programs running would be of great help.
  3. Here's the same version (0.9.1) on Avsim for those who don't want to create an account just to download. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=genutils&DLID=215744
  4. +1 Don't have the 170 or 190. This is with the 175 and 195.
  5. TOPCAT will provide you, the captain, with Load Sheets, Take-Off and Landing performance analysis, Individual Runway Tables including all relevant speeds (V1, VR and V2), optimum thrust and flaps configurations, de-rated and assumed/flex temperatures and stop margins. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/topcat/
  6. Hi Frans, FSC v9.7 21Aug17 build shows Rwy 4-22 with the latest AIRAC 1803, not Rwy 3-21. And both have their ILS shown. EHBK also has Rwy 7-25. What simulator are you running? And what version of FSC? AIRAC?
  7. Here's a really, really crazy workaround. First read this post by Pete Dowson: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/83459-important-makerunways-and-new-add-ons-structure/ "MakeRwys_scenery.cfg" is created in the root directory of your P3Dv4 installation, same place as MakeRwys.exe. FSCDbManager doesn't recognize that name or location so you have to copy and rename it into %programdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 as "scenery.cfg." Make a backup of the real "scenery.cfg" first, cuz once you're done running FSCDbManager you must delete the fake and put the real "scenery.cfg" back in place. Awkward but right now it's the only way I can think of to build a correct P3Dv4 database for FSCommander. Remember to backup the real "scenery.cfg" before you overwrite it.
  8. Excellent work Holmes! Moving the AFCAD directories out of "<P3D root>\ Scenery" for some reason makes a difference. I'd have never thought of doing that. Since it's the XpressSim install location others will be having this same problem. Here's their answer. Thanks again, Volker. Jerry
  9. Hello Volker, Is there any information, files or such I could provide you with to help your awareness? TIA, Jerry
  10. My Specs: Prepar3D 3.414.18870 FSUIPC 4.958 No Network FSC and Database Mange 9.6. Rev. 7 Navigraph 1613, Rev 1 Aerosoft Download Windows 10/64 2 monitors Hi, All scenery areas are set to active when I run the Database Manager. Two new payware airports are properly identified but without any information for them. ie: no runways, parking spots, frequencies, airport diagram, etc., everything's blank. As a test I looked up the two airports in Avilasoft EFB and Little Navmap. The both displayed correctly with all pertinent information. The two airports are CYPQ and 3W9 both made by Scenery Solutions, sold by Flight1. Log file shows these two errors: 00001 , 0211 , CYPQ - Peterborough Error detection and correction in ReadAirportSubsection: CYPQAIRPORT.BGL (#9) E:\P3D3\SCENERY\XPRESSSIMCANADA\scenery\CYPQAirport.bgl 00002 , 0210 , 3W9 - Middle Bass-East Point Error detection and correction in ReadAirportSubsection: 3W9AIRPORT.BGL (#9) E:\P3D3\SCENERY\XPRESSSIMUSA\scenery\3W9Airport.bgl Thanks in advance for any insight. Jerry
  11. MyTraffic6 Manual-> Schedules and Traffic Densities Third or fourth paragraph pretty much explains it. I do not use PF3. Some airports are a ghosttown. Others I have to wait in line.
  12. Don't know. I disabled the military bgl and have done 2 flights without an error. Hopefully whatever the problem is will be found and eradicated. BTW, what traffic schedule are you using in MT6?
  13. Enabled the military bgl and P3Dv3.3.5 crashed about 30 minutes into the first flight I tried. First time P3D has crashed since I disabled that same file. According to the MyMilRoutes.log I'm using the 2015 traffic schedules if that helps any.
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