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  1. Thank you for patience, Sorry, I had a mess with 8 log files. First I tried axes, then switches and others. Today I deleted all logs and assigned only the ch yoke axis with a fresh ini and one log. Once the poti in the cockpit had moved briefly, but only in one direction of rotation. I notice that the type param = with the yoke axis is 5 digits, when I turn it in the cocpit it is 1 digit param = 5. FSUIPC7.logFSUIPC7.ini
  2. Ok, understand. Here are the log and ini files. FSUIPC7.iniFSUIPC7.1.logFSUIPC7.logFSUIPC7.8.log JoeAir
  3. Hi, a tried it out, but it doesn't adjust the panel light. What i did: Pic 01- you see, in FSUIPC I set the ch yoke axis to normal axis Pic 02- what the log shows when moving the ch yoke axis Pic 03- what the log shows when turning the potentiometer in the cockpit Added 22 minutes later: is the same at Carenado and MS Planes.
  4. yes, thats it- it isn't listed as axis. When you can add it, would be big step for me and what i heard, for others too. i have never seen it before in any cockpit. If you want, i will go through all planes if any uses those "n_set" To answer Pete's question, it is the Mooney M20R from Carenado. Thank you, JoeAir
  5. Thanks for answer, it's a lot easier. The 3 axes of the ch flightsim yoke are not used and I want to use them for the cockpit lighting. No self-made card. In the fsuipc log, I think I remember, that the variable lights_potentiometer_set appears when the poti is operated in the cockpit. I can say more precisely this evening if neede. There is apparently no direct axis assignment. JoeAir
  6. Certainly something similar was already mentioned here in the forum- Is there a possibility that an axis can be assigned to a potentiometer in the cockpit? I've been trying to assign axes or buttons to the potentiometer for the cockpit lighting for a long time. I always use fsuipc for all controls and aircraft, of course profile-related. can you help ? Thanks, joeair
  7. Hi, i tried it yesterday- FSUIPC 7, SIOC, Opencocpits MCP, Multi Radio, Caravan (G1000). All buttons i tried, worked fine, even the Radio on all variants Com1 , 2, Nav1, 2 ADF, all... You know, the Multi without SIOC. In the SIOC ini i have in use a version of the sioc fsx config. What not, are C152, DR400 ... (without G1000) Greatings Joe (Thank you Pete for your work)
  8. Hello, no idea how long it takes for a PMDG SDK for use with OC MCP and EFIS. So i "fly" with lua script inside the modules folder. Is it possible to speed up the connection/ response? Example: to adjust the ALT from 5000 to 15000 i have to rotate the rotary many times and carefully to increase the ALT. Thank you for help, Joachim
  9. Ah, now i understand it, and sortet the ini file. The PMDG section has now a profile name which fits to all liverys. Also done with others, thanks alot for help and patience... [Profile.PMDG MD-11] 1=PMDG MD-11 Lufthansa 2=PMDG MD-11 Trans World Airlines 3=PMDG MD-11 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 4=PMDG MD-11 McDonnell Douglas 5=PMDG MD-11F Federal Express O/C Greatings Joachim
  10. Hello, works fine. Your idea to list all Aircrafts with profile to copy them is much better. Example: I load PMDG Lufthansa with existing profile. At next US Airways, click profile specific, click Lufthansa to copy the profile. At next British Airways, click profile specific but there is only Lufthansa in the pull down. Should there not be Lufthansa AND US Airways? Is it right, when i load different livery's of the same aircraft FSUIPC didn't add the new livery in the ini- file? Is that the feature which comes up with the next major update? Greatings Joachim
  11. Hello, my complete assignments (axis, buttons, switches etc.) are done via FSUIPC. The FSX config is empty. The most i use the PMDG MD-11 in different Liverys. What is the best way to copy the assignments to all liverys? For "quick and dirty" flights i fly with Posky self made Aircraft, also in different livery's and in this case with different AC-names. Must i assign every axis, button etc. for each aircraft especially or is there a way to copy them? Thank you for help. Greating, Joachim
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