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  1. Hey Jaxx! It appears WASMClient isn't collect any LVARs. Any thoughts, my friend?
  2. Hey Paul! I tried running WASMClient.exe; the WASM Client connected, but does not collect any LVARS, which appears to be my culprit. Here's the log entried: Sun May 09 2021 17:17:35.385 [INFO]: Connected to MSFS Sun May 09 2021 17:25:24.355 [INFO]: SimConnect_Close done
  3. Sorry to be nausaunse, Paul; however, I'm still unable to read any LVARS. I continue to get this: public partial class Dashboard : Form { MSFSVariableServices VS = new MSFSVariableServices(); ..... public Dashboard() { try { InitializeComponent(); Connect.Click += Button_Click; VS.OnLogEntryReceived += VS_OnLogEntryReceived; } catch (Exception) { } } private void debugToolStripMenuItem_Click(object se
  4. Hey Paul! MSFSVariableServices VS = new MSFSVariableServices(); VS.OnLogEntryReceived += VS_OnLogEntryReceived; VS.Init(this.Handle); VS.LogLVars(); VS.Start(); Thread.Sleep(5000);//gives a few seconds to collect the data VS.RefreshData(); try { MessageBox.Show(log); } catch(Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.ToString()); } Apparently I'm only logging 000 LVARS. Any other ideas, my friend?
  5. Thank you, sir! I'm able to instantiate the object now; however, I'm still getting a object reference not set to an instance error...even when initializing it first. Below is just a simple method to obtain A320 battery state: MSFSVariableServices VS = new MSFSVariableServices(); VS.OnLogEntryReceived += VS_OnLogEntryReceived; VS.Init(this.Handle); VS.Start(); Thread.Sleep(2000);//gives a few seconds to collect the data from wasm module double batt = VS.LVars["A320_Neo_BAT_State"].Value; M
  6. Paul, I continue get a "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format." The FSUIPC_WAPID.dll is located inside the same folder as the .exe and FSUPIC.dll. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, My Friend! Is the beta 3.2.1-Beta available via NuGet package?
  8. Good evening, Mr. Henty! When convenient, would you mind providing a quick demonstration on how to use FsILSInfo class via managed code (c#). Again, thank you for EVERYTHING you do!
  9. Sounds great, Paul! On another note, can you derive the radar altimeter for you dll? Currently, Im just subtracting the acft MSL from grnd alt via background thread.
  10. Hey Paul! Specifically, I'm looking at a mechanism to read LVARs in MSFS via your dll; I know Mr. John Dowson released a WASM module containing header files to accomplish this task. Unfortunately, said header files need to recompiled as dll (library class) vice static library. I didn't know you had the notions of compiling your dll to include these classes (similar to what you did with PMDG). Matt
  11. Hey Paul, First, I want to thank you for all your hard work! Do you plan to update the .dll to include WASM support?
  12. Mr. Dowson, Do you have any managed code (e.g. C# or VB) examples of the WASM client? Thank you for all you do, sir!
  13. kingm56


    Thank you so much, John.
  14. kingm56


    First, thank you for continue to provide this wonder tool; I simply don't know where the community would be without FSUIPC I looked at the included spreadsheet for updated offsets; however, I did not see the following: 1. LNAV (B747 and B787) 2. VNAV (B747 and B787) 3. Managed Climb Mode (A320) 4. Managed Mode (A320) Also, is it still impossible to read LVARS? Again, thank you for everything you do. Matt
  15. Has anyone had any luck with offset 6C78 (IRS_aligned) and/or enum IRS_aligned? The byte always seems to read as 1, regardless of the IRS state. I'm using 6.0.11in conjunction with P3D V5.1 with Mr Henty's .dll
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