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  1. Hello Pete I have a question: I had configurate my 747-400 without profile. Can I create and insert my setting into an new createt profile, or I have to configurate everythings again? (For safe work) If I want delete all settings, and start completly with new profile and new settings from my Yoke, Throttle etc, can I just delete the FSUIPC .ini file? Thank you. Stephan P.S. Sorry, but my english is in technical things not so good, thats why I ask many things.
  2. Hello John Thank you very much. I did fly only B747-400, thats why i never had problems. I will do now a Profile for each Type of Aircraft. Thank you. Kind Regards Stephan LSZH
  3. Hello Pete I have P3Dv4.5, FSUIPC 5.155, PMDG B747-400 and B747-8I. I flow with the 747-400, and did assign many button, also that one for Fuel Cut Off. Everythings works fine. After I try with the 747-8, all configuration I made for the 747-400 works, exept the Fuel Cut Off switches which is on my Saitek Throttle. I did configurate again new with Macros, and works. But it is deleting my Fuel Cut Off assignments for the 747-400. Kind Regards Stephan LSZH FSUIPC5.ini
  4. Hello I bought the PMDG B747-8I. He took over all configurations from the B747-400 that I made in FSUIPC, only the CUT OFF that were configured on the buttons on the Saitek Throttle not. I reassigned them (Macros created) and works again. But after I check on the B747-400, the CUT OFF are not working anymore. All other settings on my Saitek Yoke like Trim, Zoom etc. is working on both aircraft. Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Stephan LSZH
  5. Hello John I did read your post, but I still have a little problem, that I coundn`t solve by myself. I have Saitek Yoke, 2 Throttle, P3Dv4, newest FSUIPC 5.512. I did configurate my Throttle as follow: Throttel 1: Lever 1 for Spoiler, Lever 2 for Engine 1, Lever 3 for Engine 2 Throttle 2: Lever 1 for Engine 3, Lever 2 for Engine 4, Lever 3 for Flaps I did configurate the Button on my Throttle 2 for the Engine 3 to Cut off. Everythings is working, but when I press this Button Cut off, the Lever from Throttle 3 will increase. Not full, just a little bit, like step by step, when I press the Button. For every press on the Button, it will increase more and more. Sorry for my bad english. I attached you the .ini file as PDF. Thank you for have a look on that and your kind help. Cheers Stephan (LSZH) FSUIPC Configuration.pdf
  6. Hello Pete This is the ORDER Number: 1388487 Thank you so much for your help. cheers Stephan
  7. Hello Pete thank you. My friend did write all tree entry correctly, with the correct name. My Name, Email Adress and the Registration Key I get from Simmmarket. But its not working. The Flightsimulator is FS2004. Thank you. Cheers Stephan
  8. Hello I did buy a new FSUIPC Key with my Simmarket account for my Friend. But if he want to Register his FSUIPC, it says, Key not valid. Offcourse he wrote my Name into the field, and also my Email Adress. He use FS9! Thank you for your help. Kind Regards Stephan Ricci LSZH
  9. Hi,

    me again.

    It works now!

    Cheers Stephan LSZH

  10. Hello Pete,

    I hope you had a nice holiday.

    I`d like also to post a question, but not works.

    I cannot activate FSUIPC 3.99 for my FS9.I have the Key code from the Simmarket, where I bought it.

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Stephan Ricci, LSZH

  11. Hi, I cant register FSUIPC. It say, I have to registert with the installer, but when I insert my Name and the Keycode, I click confirm. Tell`s me, that FSUIPC is now registered, but when I look in the FS9 Menu, I still have the freeware Version. Do i something wrong? Thank you for your help. Cheers Stephan LSZH
  12. Hi, I did install FS9 into my new PC, and thereafter FSUIPC 3.99. I did buy and pay FSUIPC before at Simmarket. But when I want to activate, I still have the free Version in FS9. Must Pete Downson confirm my registration? What I do wrong? Thanks for any help. Cheers Stephan
  13. Hello, me again. I could fix everythings, and works. Only the HAT SWITCH not work, this because I had to disable the Yoke in the FS9-Option-Assignments.

    How can I do it with FSUIPC? Thank you very mcuh! Cheers Stephan LSZH

  14. Hello Mister Downson,

    how can I contact you, I have big problem with FSUIPC 3.99 (FS9) and my Saitek Yoke, Throttle and Pedals configuration.I can assign Throttle 1 to engine one, but after my Rudder go to the left. And many other other problems.

    You can send me an E-mail to stephan.ricci (at) bluewin.ch

    Thank you very much for helping me!

    Kind regards,Stephan Ricci,Zu...

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