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  1. Hi

    Do you have any idea why I can't type in reply or comment text box from my ipad2 but am able from computer, is there any setting I need to change to do this. Please help

  2. Hi Pete i will do that but for now i will forget about little window. If it keeps bothering; i will dig deeper, thank for your time Have a good day. Iggy
  3. Hi Pete Good morning I know you have doubts about what i am saying but can you do this , is there any way you can log in my system and test it out your self in that way you will know what i am talking about. The only program i am using for weather is FSX stock. Thank You have a good day.
  4. Hi Pete System : win 7 pro 64 bit FS : FSX FSUIPC : FSUIPC4 4.7 and i think i did update with resent update to it , i will have to check, not quite sure. Good morning, I am not using any weather program i am setting winds through FSUIPC ; when i set update winds at 5 level and when ever it update the winds this little window shows up very shortly and disappears then after interrupting FSX very shortly ; it doesn't cause crash or any thing but is a distraction. but when i set it to 30 ( zero to thirty range choice) it is OK but on long flight this thing happens but very rarely. This p
  5. Hi Pete I bought FSUIPC a week ago and enjoying it every bit of it (thanks for developing it),but what is happening is; i have set weather through FSUIPC so during the flight this little window opens for relay short time which interrupt fsx very shortly, it it not crashing or any thing but is bothersome. So can you please help here and let me know what is happening. I have win 7 64 bit and FSX. This is happening after i installed FSUIPC. also is there any way to have two yokes and rudder paddles using FSUIPC on same or networked machines. Thank you Iggy
  6. Hi Pete, I am new here ; I Am trying to start a topic but I am not able to type any thing in the comment box. Please help need some help on fsuipc which I bought few days ago. Thanks.

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