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  1. Purchased today, Sorry guys but frustrating trying to register but get message "Registration failed incorrect data entered" Checked now four times never had this with the previous version
  2. Nope still get the error "registration failed incorrect data entered" checked three times to be sure and data is ok... Never had this with the previous version :blink:
  3. Well it isn't get the message registration failed from the key of simmarket :( Any help? Cheers, André
  4. Pete do you have a version 4.16 for me forget to make a backup I always do :cry: I have only problems and CTD with 4.20 Thanks for the help Cheers,
  5. Peter it seems that with FSUIPC not all necessary C++ redistrib 2005 files are in the package... Event id 59 and 32 source sidebyside see link to: http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?evende&phase=1 Have been hit hard by from outside stuff at my computer son in our home network the first in 14 years of internet and programming ;-) frustrating to say the least but a new firewall in place tells some wonderfull stuff ;-) Could you solve this error and simply ignore isn't a solution in my book ;-) Cheers, André Folkers
  6. No detailed screenshots difficult to juged the quality before buying ;-) With low poly you can even make it look like high quality aircraft I know lol Thansk for the answer, André Folkers
  7. Thanks dumb of me could of have known :shock: Really appreciated thanks, downloaded many times from there hmmm... maybe to late yesterday when painting... Thanks again for giving me this great wakup call :D
  8. First of all thanks for all the hard work only one question where to download? At the usual places I can't find the latest :roll: Thanks in advance, André Folkers
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