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  1. Thanks guys, unfortunately I don´t have a system restore point. I´m going to re-install FSX. It´s not that big a deal since the only addons I have "in" it are the PMDG MD-11 and the Flight1 Cessna Mustang. Should be a fairly quick deal to reinstall things. I´ll create restore points before installing each addon to be on the safe side. I´ve never used system restores before, there´s a first for everything. See ya, and thanks for your ideas!
  2. Glenn, thanks but no go. When I pasted the file I simply wrote over the already existing one. However, since then I´ve tried removing the file and then choose Repair when I insert the FSX DVD. This re-installs a new scenery.cfg which means that there should be no problem with it. If I remove and then re-install FSX, leaving my addons in place, will the existing addons work or do I have to re-install them as well?
  3. Hi all, I may have messed up my installation a bit. As per the instructions here I copied the scenery.cfg from C:\Documents and Settings...\Microsoft\FSX into the main FSX fodler, in my case D:\FSX. When I did that there already was an existing scenery.cfg there which I promptly overwrote. Only then did I see that the file I copied into FSX should have been renamed scenerycfg.fsc... I then made one more copy and changed its name, but the original scenery.cfg is of course still overwritten by my first paste. Now FSX doesn´t start. I get a fatal error. I´ve inserted the discs and tried to run Repair, rebooted the computer but it still won´t work. The scenery.cfg file starts with: [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE So, should there be a scenery.cfg in the FSX folder by default? I´ve tried the MS FSX Repair after removing the scenery.cfg and it´s re-installed, so I suspectthat the problem lies elsewhere, but have no clue as to where.
  4. Hi Peter and thanks for your reply. I´ve tried upping the transfer speeds and still get the same kind of stutter, albeit for shorter periods which seems to match the shorter data bursts. Since this does not occur when I instead feed my PDA via the USB port I think we can safely say that the graphics update in PocketFMS is the "culprit". Hope you had a nice vacation, bye!
  5. Hi Peter and the rest. I´m using the GPSOut module along with the thingamajig that connects two COM ports so that I can run PocketFMS on the same computer as MSFS. Everything works just fine but there is one little thing that I find nagging. Connecting PocketFMS to the GPS(Out) signal causes a stutter in MSFS everytime a GPS "packet" is sent. I´ve tried different values for Interval (if I remember correctly) and the stutter seems to correlate, i.e. Interval=1000 results in 1 second intervals between the stutter, Interval=500 in half second and so on. Funnily this only occurs when I click on the PocketFMS button that tells PFMS to receive a GPS signal. I suspect that GPSOut constantly streams the "signal" and that indicates that it is PFMS that cause the stutter, perhaps an intermittent high processor load since the GPS "burst" means a map refresh in PFMS? Your thoughts? I´m going to experimen´t with different Interval and Baud rates in GPSOut to see what happens... Another funny little thing is that regardless of what baud rate I´ve set in the GPSOut.ini PocketFMS detects something like 38400 (not sure, at work right now). This is no big issue, just wanted to check if the expert has some thoughts as to what might cause the stutter.
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