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  1. Mesh Herons Nest

    Thanks once again Bill. Okay, once I found the original E Mail and reinstalled, & tweaked my Library I have The Nest with all its knobs and good things. Cheers.
  2. Mesh Herons Nest

    Hey, Bill. I'm getting despirate here. I've tried everything I know of, still the black shapes etc, thus no Hanger or cottage etc. How's about resending me the Herons Nest E mail download again. We'll try that. Cheers. Thanks.
  3. Mesh Herons Nest

    Hi Bill if you meant do I get that snag each time I shut down the Simm and restart and go to Heron's Nest . The answer would be Yes !! Cheers, Carm.
  4. Mesh Herons Nest

    Hi Bill. I just got a shock. I went to Herons nest and where there aught to be buildings, there are only black bldgs. and black geometric shapes. Even the pier is black only --no textures. Cheers.
  5. Mesh Herons Nest

    No sweat Bill. Cheers
  6. Mesh Herons Nest

    Okay . Thanks for the reply, I guess 'Patience' is the word. And taxi carefully and slowly. Cheers, CJ
  7. Mesh Herons Nest

    How's the fix coming for the strip at the Herons Nest--- the hillocks at the ends of the strip. So far Its cost me a new prop. ----oh the pain !!!
  8. Mesh Herons Nest

    Hi Bill, I am having some problems there too. Foremost there is a ridge which seems about 3'high that runs across the RW about 50' in from the end of RW 3. The rest of the RW runs up a steep knoll, levels off for a bit then dips down to the end of the RW and the " X" markers. No Patch received here either , I tried XXd09 idea-- no help. Otherwise great stuff Bill, Thanks. CJ.