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  1. Hi Paul, I am using your client to communicate with the sim. Simconnect seemed to be more complicated and it lacks support and documentation for mortals like us. I am not a programmer so I do not understand much of the available official documentation So I go for the fsuipc client dll. But I do also think that events will be nice as using timers and threads uses to much sources. I am not a programmer so maybe I am doing things wrong. What I do is I try to manage timer intervals when the comm is idle and from a point of time it gets more complicated then not having events.
  2. Hi Tom, I build this example app using Paul's client. I am not using LUA or Link2FS. Just my own C# codes. Maybe this gives you an idea. You can ask me if you have further questions.
  3. Hi Sebastien, You can try sample code below (C#) //definitions private Offset<int> sendControl = new Offset<int>(0x3110, true); private readonly int COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC = 65636; private readonly int COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC = 65637; private readonly int COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC = 65638; private readonly int COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC = 65639; private void btn_winc_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { FSUIPCConnection.Process(); sendControl.Value = COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INC; }
  4. Hi Pete, LM team announced an upcoming update 2.1 but they did not announced this bug in the list. I believe this is an easy one for them to fix it. Any news?
  5. Uppps I believe I 've attached a wrong file. This file is 28 MB, which part do I have to send?
  6. I have a problem with master battery in version 4.923 (P3D2 compatible) and 4.921 (not compatible) P3D2 (I tried both). I can't write the offset 281C or 3102, I can only read them. On the other hand I can send a control "TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY 66241" and it works. A log file with events enabled is attached.
  7. I have send you an email. Here are some specific new entries ; (Refer to the P3D2 SDK Learning Center documentation) Look for Prepar3D SDK\Utilities\Simconnect\Camera Specific Functions Look for Prepar3D SDK\Utilities\Simconnect\External Sim Specific Functions this "external sim" subject can be revolutionary for sim world if I am understanding it wright.
  8. Hi Pete, There are some new entries in P3D2 simconnect like external sim and new view system. Will they be available in FSUIPC?
  9. Thank you Pete. Sorry for rushing you just after holiday. :oops:
  10. With version 4.921 and P3D2, Master Battery is not functioning in SPAD and in my own custom .NET application using FSUIPC.net Client either.
  11. Hi Paul, I have a small C# program referencing your .dll. It was working without any problem until yesterday I upgrade my OS to Win8 from Win7. Now whenever I run the software I get an error if the sim is not running. Message says: FSUIPC Error #9: FSUIPC_ERR_NOTOPEN. The connection to class instance 00 of WideClient.exe is not open. error highlighs line of "FSUIPCConnection.Open() statement. public void Connect() { try { FSUIPCConnection.Open(); getVersions(); toolStripStatusLabel1.Text = "Connection Established!"; timer1.Enabled = true; toolStripButton1.Enabled = false; toolStripButton2.Enabled = true; pictureBox1.Image = global::Radio.Properties.Resources.bullet_green_icon__1_; loadActiveFlightPlan(); } catch (Exception) { Disconnect(); } } [/CODE] My program checks the availability of the FSUIPC connection before starting in a try, catch statement and if there is no connection it simply closes the connection. So... I am comfused about what is going wrong with the win8 environment. Can you lead a hand here? Best Regards, Ahmet Mehmetbeyoglu
  12. Thank you Pete. I will dig more as you suggest. I believe it is something else interfering. I use some add-ons like F1 Battery X an add-on which recharges battery voltage. Maybe one of them could be the reason. I also use saitek panels. I can use master battery from saitek panels very well. If I find a clue I will inform you then. Best Regards, Ahmet,
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