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  1. Ok. You've been really helpful, thanks! :)
  2. Have been adapting my code to get AI plane info from FSUIPC. Works like a charm so far! Thanks all for the insights ! Have 3 small questions, I hope you don't mind me asking them. I couldn't find this in de docs: - Simconnect returns an object-id unique for the airplane. I could uniquely match airplanes using this id. Is the first id from the Fsuipc TCAS table reliable to use as object-id? The documentation mentions to only use this dword to check if the slot is used, or not... - lat/lon is returned as a float. Any way to convert this to " normal" string representation ? - Are pitch and bank SHORT's in radials? Thanks again
  3. Well, im currently using the following method to extract data from simconnect to my app: 1 SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition (2sec) 2 SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent and 3 SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType (setting range to 20.000) 4. receive data on SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_SIMOBJECT_DATA_BYTYPE This will choke(as in: stutters FSX, and ultimatly crash) FSX when more than, lets say, 20 airplanes are getting returned.. I must say that my executable currently runs in its own process. I have yet to run it as an fsx in-process executable, if possible.. Maybe that will make things faster. If FSUIPC is caching this data and has a smart way to query it preventing the stutters (and it probably is Peter, if I understand you correctly) I might need to start using that method :) Timon
  4. Thank you both for the info! Im currently using simconnect which works but as I said, unfiltered.. This means im choking fsx if I ask for a 40nm mile list of all ai traffic props near a busy aurport. My hopes are that fsuipc will use some kind of buffer, offloading fsx itself. Your answer seems to indicate that it will do exactly that. Thanks again im certainly diving into it. Im currently on Delphi7 but I don't think that will be an issue. Timon
  5. Hi all! I was wondering if it's possible to get a filtered list of AI traffic through fsuipc or simconnect. I want to get info (lat/lon and stuff) of all ai traffic in the sky and filter out all planes on the ground. Anyone knows if its possible to filter on trafficstate and get all planes flying in a range of about 200km? Thanks for any info! Timon
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