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  1. Thanks Volker I am pretty sure I did not install P3D as administrator all is now resolved. Many thanks
  2. Hi. I have happily been using FSCommander in P3DV3. Today, I have installed P3DV3.1, and I am unable to get FSCommander DatabaseManager to work. I select the flight simulator directory in the left hand box, and the only options for the scenery library which I am presented with are shown in the right hand box. Whichever one I select, the 'update airports from Prepared3D' does not go active, and hence no update. I have tried to find a solution or workaround on google - but to no avail Can anyone help?
  3. tinpusher Firstly, thank you for your responding to my post and for your helpful comments. Very much appreciated. I did not see the wood for the trees Enjoy the rest of your weekend Problem now solved
  4. Volker I am not seeing the same as you - screenshot attached. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I have downloaded and installed the latest FSCommander 9.6, and also the new database manager version 9.6 rev.2 - for use with P3D V3. I am not sure where the scenery library is or where I should point in the right hand box, in order that I can run the database. Any help appreciated.
  6. I am also having a problem saving my flightplans in the PMDG format. I have set the path of FSX to C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which is where my PMDG\Flightplans are located - yet when I create a flightplan and save it (with the PMDG format selected) the flight plan does not appear in the PMDG\flightplans folder or PMDG\flightplans\ngx folder. I have read the instruction manual and cannot see what I am doing wrong - any help appreciated. Screenshot of my paths attached
  7. Volker Thank you for your prompt response - the Map 'always on top' is unchecked - so this is not the cause of the problem George
  8. I have the following problem and would be very grateful if there is anyone out there that can provide me with a solution. I open FSX and FSC 9.1 I connect the GPS window to FSX and it appears and data loads If I then switch screens to other programs the GPS window 'stays on top' When I switch to FSX - there is no sign of the GPS screen - the only way I can now view it is to switch back to FSC I am using the EZCA camera - could that be causing some form of conflict? GeorgeW
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