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  1. Sorry, yes it was an N1 issue only, the throttle remained at idle. Strange why the Reverse-lever didn't work then..!
  2. Yes I did bother. Hmm.. I'm not allowed to attach text files. Do you want me to paste all the text in a post? Until I get stuff working the way I want to, I'll assign a pushbutton to the "decrease throttle quickly" command.
  3. Ok Pete. Well the input values are correct, I believe. I get good numbers on calibration and my Quad is pretty accurate, I'd say.. Perhaps I should try once more to make reverse thrust work as it has been in FS9, with the throttles being pulled down below the detent to apply reverese thrust... When I tried this, I first changed in CH Manager so that the detent values are 240 instead of 255. In FSUIPC it now looks like this: I've calibrated Idle to be a bit over the detent and reverse at the physical end of the lever movement. This does result in reverse thrust being activated, but only Idle... What do you think about these settings Pete?
  4. Looking more into the issue, tried without any external controllers active either thropugh FSX or FSUIPC. it seems that this "creeping" of the idle thrust is just a correct modelling on PMPGs part. Flight idle should be around 34% N1, (which is the case, not 40% that I wrote earlier). So, my question is... Why is it not possible to engage the reverse thrust (by pulling that lever) until the aircraft has slowed down enough to allow a lower N1 percentage? Is this anything withing FSUIPC, or is it all PMDG? /Johan
  5. Hi Pete, Yes, perhaps speedbrake related... I've assigned an axis to that, but it's not been working 100% yet.. Maybe that is inhibiting idle thrust.. I haven't been able to reach the PMDG forum, as Avsim seems to be having server problems at the moment. I'll continue testing and get back. Thank you. /Johan
  6. OK Pete, I'll check that out.. However, it seems a bit strange, since it goes to idle with no problem when on the ground.
  7. Hi Pete, Now I've got my CH yoke and throttlequad setup and I'm able to calibrate/assign in FSUIPC. After hours of tweaking, and not getting the reverse thrust to work with the "below detent" position of the throttles, I decided to assign reverse thrust to a separate lever. That works too, -when on the ground. Obviously, the throttle must be idle in order to apply reverse thrust, however, for some reason the throttle of the NGX "creeps" up to about 42% N1, whenever I try to put it in idle before, during, and just after landing. It takes a good deal of braking before the throttles reacts normally, and REALLY goes idle, enabling reverse thrust to be applied. And by the time that occurs, the whole point of reverse thrust is gone, as would the aircraft be on a wet and short runway. I have disabled the reverser option in my throttles page, and calibrated them to be "idle" a bit above the physical stop of the lever, just to be sure. But still I get this creeping throttle when airborn and landing. Maybe this is an NGX issue? Anyways, any help is much appreciated! Regards Johan
  8. Ah! Indeed I did run it in WinXP mode... (on Win8). Changing that made it work again! Thanks a bunch Pete! Now I only have to sort out why FSX crashes when I switch task... It worked OK the other day (albeit task switching was pretty messy, with several jumps between tasks before getting back into FSX, but today, after fiddling with AA in Nvidia settings, it just CTD whenever taskswitching.. Anyways, cheers!
  9. Hi Pete. I thought that I'd hijack this thread for a while. Now, I believe I do have the problem which the topic indicates. I cannot assign any axis (in my case on my CH-throttle quad), how much I move them. If I activate them within FSX, I do get the numbers moving in the calibration-page, but still, it's not possible to detect the throttle in axis assignment. (Also, If I go by FSX-settings, I can't calibrate the throttle properly anyways, it must go direct to FSUIPC) I use FSUIPC 4.91. Main aircraft is the PMDG NGX with CH-throttle and Yoke. Kind regards, Johan